Growing Naturals organic rice and pea protein review

When working out it's important to consume some kind of protein after your workout whether it's a protein bar, some yogurt or even a protein shake.

I work out 24/7 and make sure I get my daily amount of protein especially after a workout.

I love making delicious smoothies for breakfast or even a snack and toss in some protein powder as well which is great because it keeps me fuller longer. 

I've seen all sorts of protein brands in stores on the shelves and some of them aren't all that healthy for us.

So when I came across Growing naturals on the shelves I began checking them out online and just had to try them! 

Growing natural facts:

Allergen friendly( free of soy, corn and dairy)
100% natural
Clean label
Non GMO 
Made with raw protein 

Growing naturals plant based health benefits:

Raw ingredients in foods help with energy and also with digestion

Whether your losing weight or gaining muscle or eating raw or a vegan these products are made for you!

Less chalky consistency due to smoother plant proteins 

I was sent some of their protein powders to try out for review and I couldn't wait to try them for an after workout recovery snack!

Here is what I was sent:

Rice protein Chocolate power:
Some other chocolate protein powders I've tried before weren't all that great so I was a bit skeptical at first to try this one but as soon as I did I was in love with it! So deliciously chocolaty and creamy! I mixed it with a cup of chocolate almond milk and shook it vigorously in my shaker bottle to break up the powder so it wasn't lumpy. It was so good that I forgot to take a picture, but I will be buying this one in stores!

Rice protein Vanilla blast:

I have to admit I wasn't too fond of this flavor I think it needed a little something extra along with it. I used it the other day as a post workout snack and to me it tasted ok, maybe I should have blended it along with a banana or something in the blender.

Vanilla blast pea protein:

Creamy vanilla flavor! 

 health benefits for pea protein:

High in Lysine and arginine amino acids that's used as fuel for an active lifestyle and helps build connective tissue 

Amazing source of iron 

Easy to digest when consuming due to it's creaminess

Packs over 2500mg glutamine precursors 

Health benefits of rice protein:

Contains a whopping 24 grams of vegan protein per serving 

Did you know that growing naturals rice protein contains more protein per serving than other plant proteins ?

Which extracts all of the non essential and essential amino acids  in the proprietary chemical free raw process. 

Essential amino acids help make you stronger by building lean muscle for proper body function which is a key point in most diet plans. 








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