Snuggle Scent Booster smiley360 mission!

As a member of Smiley360 I get to test out some pretty awesome products for free and have tested many great products through them!

I am on the Snuggle Lavender Joy scent boosters mission currently which is a concentrated PAC to give your laundry a boost of freshness!

How cute is it that people on this mission also received their very own stuffed snuggle bear which is super adorable and cuddly!

What I love about the Pacs is that they make no mess when you are washing your laundry in the washer all you do is toss the laundry in and then the PAC and voila close the lid and turn on the washer and the scent of snuggle will waft through your house with the calming scent of lavender!

It really does make a big snifference with sleepwear, active wear and all other types of clothing! 

You can also use these Pacs in a high efficiency  machine as well. 

Believe me you will love these scent boosters if you love the snuggle brand for laundry products!

So far with the sample I received I've done a regular load of laundry washing the clothing and I do have to say I'm impressed it smells like a beautiful floral garden on a warm sunny day!

Smiley360 sent me Snuggle scent boosters for free for being a part of theSnuggle mission on their website. I will be truthful in my statements and make sure they can be substantiated. I will speak from actual experience in my own words. I will abide by the standards of the smiley360 user community and keep my posted content free of violence, pornography, racially or ethnically and obscenity content and or material that violates copyright law. 


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