Ancient Grains Nuwi organic quinoa snacks review !

Looking for a tasty and healthy snack that's packed with nutrients and refuels your body after an intense workout?

Nuwi quinoa snacks have you covered, they are packed with organic ingredients that will take care of hunger giving you a boost of energy without that post smacking slump.

Founder of Nuwi Gabriel and his friends were on a mission to develop a snack that was nutritious, sustainable and beneficial that was enough to conduct a positive impact.

The popular crop quinoa recognized for it's nutritional value, they tried out many recipes and finally after two years Nuwi Quinoa snack was born!

It's made for those who are looking for a boost while on the go!

Nuwi facts:

Gluten free
Soy free
Lactose free
All natural
Balanced nutrients
No refined sugars
High protein
High vitamins and minerals

Made with :

Organic fruits and vegetables
Himalayan pink salt
Organic quinoa
Organic low glycemic agave nectar with only 50% fructose

I have never known about a snack besides oatmeal that you could do this with! How awesome is it that you can serve this drink hot or cold?!

You could warm it in a bowl and dice up some fresh fruit, nuts and more for a delightful and filling breakfast or snack that's completely guilt free!

When I came across these snacks online I was interested in trying them being that they are a bit different from my average smoothies I make at home since some of them are made with vegetables.

I was sent Nuwi Quinoa snacks for review in exchange for my honest opinion and here are the flavors I was sent!


This superfood snack was the perfect way to recover after my workout at the gym this morning before work!


I love blueberries whether in oatmeal, yogurt, smoothies or just as is so I knew I would love this fruity snack! For breakfast this morning I warmed it up in the microwave a tiny bit and then topped it off with some almonds and a dusting of coconut for a filling breakfast and it was delicious !


If Fall was bottled up this is seriously what it would taste like crisp sweet delicious apples, it would be so tasty served warm with some raisins and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top, I'm getting so excited for Fall now!


When I saw this snack at first I was a bit skeptical because I've never had it before other than v8 tomato juice but I thought hey why not I'll give it a try, so I was thinking of ways to use it as a meal rather than a snack and then it hit me, tomato soup! So I grabbed some go veggie shredded cheese and popped them in the microwave and I Must admit it's delicious ! It really does taste like tomato soup!

Split pea:

This one tasted like split pea soup served cold, not my favorite snack or soup but it was different to try!

Carrot and ginger:

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical to try out this drink but it was absolutely delicious it tasted like a pumpkin pie smoothie only with carrots with the zing of ginger!
They also have a strawberry flavor as well!

Check them out online and see where you can purchase them!






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