Veggie Fries Review !

One of my favorite side dishes to go along with a meal whether it's a burger, steak or even pizza is French fries especially when going out to dinner, but it's so not healthy with all the extra salt, fat, grease and calories.

Seriously have you ever gotten French fries to go and by the time you get to your car with your order the French fry bag has grease all at the bottom to the point of the bag breaking open?

It's a French fry disaster I tell you, not to mention how many calories are in them ahh scary! plus you add some more salt, ketchup and whatever else to your fries!

But once in awhile I'll treat myself to a couple fries just enough to satisfy my craving for them.

oh the salty and crispy deliciousness is just to good to pass up at times!

I was walking through a local store one day close to where I live and I came across Veggie Fries in the freezer section where all the healthy food is and I thought hey wait a veggie loving minute, I love French fries and veggies this is perfect! So I began doing my research on them when I got home on my iPad and here's what I found out.

Veggie Fry facts:

All natural
Gluten free
Wheat free

Knowing these facts and the fact that they are made with veggies, beans and spices I just had to try them!

So first off let me tell you about the company and how they all began.

When your trying to be healthy you tend to cut out the fried foods and junk am I right?

Don't you ever just want to eat something and not be consumed by guilt after eating it?

After trying 300 different recipes for a healthier version of the good ol fashion French fry Veggie fries came up with the idea of a healthier French fry that you could eat and be free of guilt due to it being made of a delectable blend of both vegetables and potatoes and that's when Veggie Fries was born!

I was sent some coupons for me to go and purchase them for free to try out for review!

Here are the varieties that they come in.


I absolutely loved these veggie fries from the sweetness of the carrots they tasted just like a sweet potato! These fries made the perfect side with a chicken sandwich with some organic tomatoes and some Annie's homegrown cowgirl ranch dressing !

I love broccoli but have never tried them in fries so I couldn't wait to bite into them! They are fantastic and go along great with just about anything from burgers to sandwiches!

Chickpea and red pepper:

I love chick peas and have tried them in so many things such as hummus but never fries so I couldn't wait to bite into these lightly seasoned with red pepper! It was the perfect addition to some ristorante pizza for dinner!

Tuscan bean and herb:

Wasn't my favorite fry but it was flavorful and went along great with my veggie burger!

I love a good fry how it's golden brown and crispy on the outside and the inside is bursting with potato goodness!

I will definitely be purchasing these fries when I get that craving for fries because they are that good!

Here is where you can go purchase them at the stores listed below and you can also check them out on the web!

Nugget market
*Belmont fruit where I purchased mine
Dave's fresh marketplace
Big Y
Earth Fare
Roche bros
New seasons markets
Mollie stones markets
And byerlys







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