Community Coffee Review !

Ever wonder how Community Coffee got their name?

It all began in 1919 when Henry "Cap" Saurage discovered the secret of phenomenal tasting coffee in his very own country store on the north edge of Baton Rouge Louisiana.

In honor of his community of friends he came up with the name Community Coffee.

In 1924 he then closed the store and changed his backyard barn into a coffee mill using coffee beans he purchased from a local roaster.

Then in 1941 Caps son Norman Saurage Jr. purchased the companies first coffee roaster so they could roast their very own coffee to ensure quality and freshness in every cup.

A roasting plant was then built in Baton Rouge in 1946.

Over the years Community Coffee company perfected the quality of their great tasting coffee and in 1955 they began importing green coffee beans straight from coffee plantations in Brazil.

In 1970, a new coffee roasting plant was built on the Mississippi River in Port Allen Louisiana.

In 1980 Community Coffee introduced the first ever vacuum sealed package  of coffee to ensure freshness for coffee lovers to enjoy in the comfort of their home.

The first Community Coffee house opened on the corner of Magazine and Jefferson St. In New Orleans in 1995.

Dozen more coffee houses have followed.

It's now been over 90 years since Cap founded Community Coffee coffee and their mission has never changed which is to share their passion for great coffee with their customers.

I absolutely love coffee, like seriously hook me up to an IV obsessed! I have one with my breakfast and one as a late afternoon pick me up.

I love that you can do so many things to them whether you serve it up iced, hot or toss it in the blender with all sorts of ingredients to make a delicious smoothie!

You can even bake with coffee too.

I don't know about you but I love coffee with flavor to it, is usually add a splash of organic vanilla syrup or whatever I have on hand at home with some unsweetened vanilla almond milk and it's to die for!

I was sent some of Community Coffee products for review and couldn't wait to brew them up in my Keurig!

Here's what I was sent for this review!

French Roast extra Dark and Bold Single Serve- K cups:
I prefer k cups to ground coffee because it's not only convenient but perfectly portioned rather than scooping out coffee grounds from the bag only to end up with a big mess on the counter. I like that they come in many different varieties and flavors such as dark roast, vanilla, hazelnut you name it. I also like that you can make decadent drinks with the k cups as well like a frappe, coffee smoothie and much more than just your average cup of joe. I like the bold taste from the coffee it makes me alert and ready for the day !

Ground Café special medium dark roast:
I like that it wasn't a strong powerful coffee that when you sip on it your like ugh wow that's strong, it tastes great and whether you toss in some sugar, agave syrup, milk, cream or whatever you like in your coffee it makes the perfect cup especially on a rainy day like today!

Check out their products online and where you can find them at your local retailers.







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