North Coast Organics Deodorant review and giveaway


 It all began with founder Nathan of NorthCoast Organics and the most influential person which is his business partner and mother Debbie!

 She supported his curiosity in life although she was upset about his choice for anthropology over computer science she still supported it. 

 During an anthropological study in rural Jamaica during his sophomore year he became a veg head and started using all natural hand and body products as well as eating organic foods and started going green. 

 With his professional experience, skills, and interests he wanted a organic deodorant that was not only cruelty free, organic, vegan friendly, Eco friendly most importantly worked but there wasn't any on the market at that time. 

 Since there wasn't that one product that he could find he didn't wear any deodorant at all which led to some snarky comments and then a thought occurred to him and that's when North Coast Organics was born ! 

 Friends of his demanded that he sell his products for others who not only believe in using safe products but who are active. Mom Debbie is the production manager and hand makes the products and most importantly they work as a team and she's learned that a lot of people out there are interested in leading a natural organic lifestyle not only with foods they eat but body care products as well. 

 With the summer months it gets quite hot especially when you move around a lot either by working out, chasing the toddler running around all day, at work and we all do is so we shouldn't feel ashamed. 

 I'm talking about sweating people, or what I like to call it is rain! It seems like when I'm working out it's just pouring off me! I guess you can call it liquid awesome or just plain gross, smelly and stains the underarm of our shirts which is so not cool! 

 I don't know about you but when I'm working out I don't want my deodorant to fail me and have the person pumping away on the machine next to me smell me! I want to smell fresh and keep as dry as possible after working out so I shower when I'm home or I pack my deodorant in my purse and reapply some more if I'm going out and hope to god it works! 

 I bet there's been a time where you do the armpit check and hope that no one just saw you and say " Did that person just sniff their pits?" Don't lie, I know you've done it and it's ok, lol raises hand 
slowly I totally do it all the time. 

 I work as a housekeeper at a local hotel and I'm always moving which makes me sweat more and the last thing I need is for the deodorant to not do it's job like it should like keeping my pits from getting all stinky and all that sweaty stuff! Lately my deodorant I've been using has failed me and I was saved when I came across North Coast Organics online. 

I began scoping out their products online and just had to try them!

 They have all kinds of products such as: 

 Lip balms 
Hand and Body lotions 
 And gift sets 

 Here are some facts about their products 
 Certified Vegan 
Certified organic 
 Cruelty free
Not tested on animals 

 I was then sent their deodorants for review and I couldn't wait to swipe some on and see if it was on par with my other brand I was using. 

 The verdict? It was much better than the other brand I was using because not only did it smell nice it lasted all day long and didn't fail me at all during my intense and sweaty sessions at the gym. Death By Lavender: Some lavender deodorants I've tried in the past are too strong when you catch a whiff of them and smell more like a soap than a deodorant but not this one! 

Death By Lavender:
Me drenched in sweat but happy because the deodorant works wonders! 

smells great and I put it to the test before I went to the gym and it lasted all day! I admit I kept doing the check but I was completely blown away no not by the smell of my pits, funny haha but at how the scent of lavender lasted. I expected it to wear off throughout the day and it didn't. 

If you have sensitive skin under your arms from shaving and such then this deodorant is for you because it's gentle on your skin and tough on odors. So how is it great for sensitive skin ? Well it's made with vegan coconut oil, carnauba wax, arrowroot powder & baking soda! 

Unleash the revolver and keep odor from your arm pits at bay pew pew ! Made from vegan coconut oil, carnauba wax, baking soda, cornstarch and blend of essential oils.

 Thank you so much North Coast Organics for sending me your products for review you rock! 

 Two lucky winners will win a prize pack of three deodorants!

 There's also a coupon code right here that you can use toward their products online don't forget to enter the code BLISSROCKSDEATH 

 Good luck everyone and have a rockin night/day ! 

Also check out their products and see where they are sold and connect with them on their social media sites below !





  1. I hate all kinds of sweat. Deodorant has failed me before and yes, Ive done pit checks before. ha ha

  2. a good deodorant like this will make everything better

  3. Yes a good deodorant does make everything better especially sweat !

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    1. Interesting, how does it work?!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Neat idea to use the essential oils!

  6. unfortuately i have done the occasional pit check :) never a great feeling to feel like you have to take a second to make sure your not stinky.

  7. My deodorant fails me constantly. Haven't found an aluminum free one I like yet.

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