Ostrim Jerkee Review !

When I'm on the go I like a snack that's packed with protein especially after a good intense workout to refuel.

Whether it be some yogurt, a protein bar, some almonds or one of my good ole faves Jerkee!

I like jerky sticks that are full of flavor and most importantly not dried out to the point where it feels like your chewing on leather, ugh yuck!

Ostrim jerky is moist, full of flavor, packed with protein and the perfect anytime snack whether you are hiking and need a boost or after you've had an intense workout and need a protein fix!

Did you know that Ostrim is the number one meat snack for sports nutrition?!

Ostrim jerkee Facts:

All natural
High in protein
Low in fat
Low in carbohydrates
Good source of iron and potassium
USDA inspected

When I came across Ostrim products on the web I knew I had to try them out they sounded mouth watering and unlike any other jerky sticks I've tried before.

Not only did it intrigue me that their Jerkee is made with ostrich and elk which I've never tried before but they believe in good health.

Ostrim (Protos foods) was Founded in 1996 on the belief that consumers
Have become goal oriented and focused on their health and how nutrition plays a big part in a wellness program.

Their first line of products was Ostrim meat and Ostrim beef sticks that were made for people who
are committed about their nutrition, which is made from a mix of lean beef and naturally raised ostrich meat with no fillers.

I was sent Ostrim jerkee products for review and here's what I received.

Here are the flavors and products I was sent.

Ostrim Snack Stick:

Maple Brown Sugar Turkey:
Sweet, moist and delicious and made the perfect snack to get me through the day at work! I loved that it wasn't tough to chew. To me it tasted like turkey sausage with a hint of sweetness from the maple brown sugar.

Applewood Turkey:
Moist turkey with a smoky sweet applewood flavor !

Beef and Elk snack sticks:


Great snack with a touch of sweetness when your looking for a boost of protein!

Sweet and spicy:

I liked that this Jerkee stick had the right amount of spiciness to it with a hint of sweetness!


I'm not much of a fan of hot and spicy foods but I really liked this Jerkee stick because it wasn't overly hot and it was flavorful and made for the perfect snack after my workout at the gym!

Beef and ostrich jerky:


Loved that it wasn't an intense pepper flavor it was just right!


Loved that the Jerkee offered the right amount of sweetness and spices to it!

Beef and Ostrich meat snack:

Natural flavor:
Perfect blend of spices and fantastic flavor in every bite !

Pepper flavor:
I liked how flavorful the pepper was in this Jerkee stick it wasn't to the point where it was too peppery like a whole shaker of pepper was inserted into the meat. It was moist, flavorful and offered the right amount of heat to it!

Barbecue flavor:
I'm a sucker for barbecue foods they are lip smacking good with the sweet sauce that are on those baby back ribs my god they are meaty, flavorful and so good! When I bit into this delightful meat stick it took me back to the first time I've ever tried BBQ that's how good it was!

Teriyaki flavor:

I loved the sweet taste from the teriyaki and the snap when you bite into the Jerkee stick it was meaty and delicious !

Ostrim Paleo Trail mixes:

Gluten free

Turkey Jerkee combines a mix of cashews, almonds, and cranberries that are sweetened with blueberry juice.

Beef and ostrich Jerkee that's combined with almonds, cashews and cranberries that are sweetened with blueberry juice as well.

You can find Ostrim products at these local retailers listed below.

I know I will be buying these next time I go into my local GNC I'm hooked on Ostrim!

Smoothie King
Fred Meyer
Vitamin world
Vitamin shoppe
Harris Teeter

And more!

Check them out on their website and connect with them on their social media sites below!





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