Listerine Naturals mouthwash Crowdtap Sampling !

When I get up in the morning one thing I do is make a run straight to the bathroom and brush my teeth and then swish around some mouthwash and hope it lasts for awhile so no one can smell food or drinks on my breath such as coffee.

The worst thing is when you can smell your own breath and you hope to god no one else can smell it!

Did you know that when you brush your teeth it misses 75% of your mouth I know gross right?!

When cleaning with Listerine it cleans 100% leaving you with fresh breath!

So you are constantly popping things into your mouth such as tic tacs, or gum into your mouth hoping no one notices and that your breath will hopefully be fresh by the tingly sensation of mint throughout your mouth.

I've tried all kinds of mouthwash in the past and no one else can even compare to the Listerine brand.

Not only do they come in all kinds of flavors but they get the job done leaving you with a good clean feeling!

I was chosen to sample Listerine's new product through crowdtap which is a word of mouth website where you get to try out really neat products in exchange for your honest opinion and I was sent Listerine Naturals herbal mint mouthwash and I couldn't wait to start swishing away with it!

what does Listerine Naturals do?

It kills 99% of the germs that cause
bad breath

Made with no artificial, flavors, dye or sweeteners

It's 99% natural made from:

Ajwain seeds
Corn mint
And oil of wintergreen

Ever been so close to someone where you can smell the food they've eaten?

Let's face it though we've all had those moments at least sometimes in our lives I'm talking about bad breath whether it's caused from certain foods, smoke or even from sleeping all night and then you keep doing the mouth check constantly to see if you've got unpleasant stinky breath.

Why does it always tend to happen when we're not within reach of our toothbrush? It's always when we're on the go so we'll chew on some gum or pop a lot of mints to keep our breath fresh especially after eating.

Did you know that Listerine is the number one recommended brand by dentists?!

I liked how refreshing the mouthwash made my mouth feel with it's cool minty flavor and the fact that it didn't burn as much like some other mouth washes due to the alcohol in them.

Did you know that there are many uses for mouthwash rather than just swishing it around your mouth to get a squeaky clean mouth and fresh breath?

My all time favorite use is a homemade foot bath rather than going to the salon and spending god knows how much money.

It's cheaper, easy to do and really does work!

My feet have never felt so good before since I started doing this at home!

All you do is

1.Grab a bucket or big bowl
2. Pour in mouth wash in the bowl
3. Pour in some white wine vinegar
4.fill the bucket, bowl or container with warm water
5. Dip your feet in for 10 minutes or more

I've tried it at first with the blue mouthwash and it turned my feet blue I'm talking smurf blue!

Then I scrubbed my feet with a pumice stone and the dead skin literally came right off making my feet smooth and most importantly pain free which was such a relief because I'm always on my feet and I have calluses on my feet which is quite painful.

I came across it on Pinterest and have heard great things about it so I decided to do it and I am so glad I did because my feet are softer and don't hurt as much.

My breath and feet have never been fresher, thank you Crowdtap and Listerine Naturals!

Listerine has all sorts of products from mouthwash to pocket Pacs to freshen your breath!

Check them out online on their website below!





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