Dr. Oetker Ristorante pizza night with Bzzagent

I couldn't pass this campaign up when I was invited through Bzzagent for the Dr. Oetker pizza!Why couldn't I pass it up? Well I've tried the pizza  through bzzagent awhile back and I fell in love with their pizza.

The sauce, cheese, spices and toppings taste just like the pizza that you would get in your typical pizza place but better because you get to serve it at home and skip the long wait for your food and best of all you get to eat it as soon it comes out of the oven, well not to soon don't want to burn your mouth.

Ok, so what's bzzagent? It's a word of mouth company where you get to test products for free in exchange for your honest opinion.

They are a great site and I got to try out all sorts of products through them including food, makeup and more!

Enough about that let's get back to the yummy pizza shall we!

For this campaign I was sent a coupon redeemable for a free Dr. Oetker pizza of my choice and some coupons that are for a dollar off.

The store I purchased my pizza at had them at a higher price so with my coupon it only cost me 30 cents I know not free but it's well worth it because it's so tasty and you won't be disappointed!

The pizza I chose was pizza mozzarella which has tomatoes, cheese, Edam and herbs it's just so good! I like how it's not covered in sauce or cheese like when you order a pizza and it comes sliding off when you bite into it. Another thing I liked is that it wasn't covered in grease on the top to the point where you have to wipe off the excess before you take your first bite.

When I was younger and it was pizza night we would order our pizza with a side of crispy French fries!

So when I received my Ristorante bzz kit I had the perfect side in mind  to serve up with this pizza for mom and I which was chickpea red pepper veggie fries ! You can find the review for them here. Veggie fries

This pizza is out of bounds amazing! It offers the right amount of sauce, cheese and spices with a golden brown thin crust. Each slice has the perfect ratio of cheese and sauce for that authentic Italian experience right in your own home!

My mom and I loved it and it's delicious every time we buy it!

I've tried some other Dr. Oetker pizzas but this is the one I always run to when I'm craving pizza !

If your a meat lover then the speciale pizza is for you baked to perfect with pepperoni and ham.

If your a spinach lover like myself then you'll love the spinaci pizza with sun ripened tomatoes, savory leaf spinach, mozzarella and cheese with a garlic sauce!

Pepperoni pesto pizza is just that a pizza with fresh pesto, pepperoni and mozzarella!

The funghi pizza offers an aromatic blend of mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, and tomatoes.

For all you veggie lovers out there the vegetale pizza is for you! Topped with onions, peppers,chilies and tangy tomatoes.

Quattro Formaggi has four different cheeses on it with basil seasoning on a crispy thin crust.

Formaggi and pomodori pizza offers a creamy blend of goat cheese, Edam, and mozzarella with sweet cherry and sun dried tomatoes on a bed of herbed pesto sauce.

I know I've got you drooling over your computer or phone with all this cheesy goodness so check them out online today!





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