Gourmet Nut Review !

Who out there loves gourmet food? If so then your a Gourmet Nut!

Gourmet Nut company started out just like anybody else foodies that would get together and share recipes, gossip about the latest and greatest restaurants and you can't forget talking about their love of food!

Topic that came up the most with those get togethers was the lack of high quality snacks for people to enjoy, then Gourmet Nut was born!

Gourmet Nut company doesn't just offer tasty snacks such as their trail mixes oh no they've got sea salts, rubs and spice blends as well. Did you know that their sea salts are created from around the world?

I was sent some of their products for review for my blog and couldn't wait to try them out especially the trail mixes being that they are the perfect snack for on the go or after a workout!

Cajun Hot mix:

I am not really a fan of spicy foods but this snack mix was outstanding ! Its a mix of peanuts and almonds with crisp sesame sticks, Cajun corn sticks and chili bits for extra heat! It goes great in some cottage cheese I know I'm weird I tried it and it's amazing! Or you could just eat some right out of the bag! Beware because it's so good!

Almond cranberry crunch:

This trail mix right here perfectly blended with almonds, tart cranberries, plump and juicy raisins and peanuts is highly addictive and goes perfectly on yogurt, ice cream, even on oatmeal! It's the perfect snack to give you a boost after working out or even a healthy snack for the movies!

Nature's Mix:
This is a go to snack when your on the go and need a quick pick me up whether your on a hike or working late. This tasty mixture is a mix of papaya, cashews, raisins, pineapple, cranberries, peanuts and almonds.

Gourmet Nut was kind enough to send me along some salts to try out for review as well and here is what I received!

Below are my thoughts about each one of them and what they go along great with and all that salty goodness!

Northwest Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt:

I've never tried anything like this sea salt before in my life and I'm so glad I got the chance to because it's amazing! I love the smoky taste from it and it's not overpowering and it goes great on meat for those summer time BBQs! Call me crazy but I actually added it to Mac and cheese and it was divine it gave it a little something extra to the dish!

Alaea Hawaiian sea salt:
For those of you who don't know Alaea is a form of reddish like clay rich in trace minerals that's found in sea water. It then enriches the salt with iron dioxide and seals in moisture while cooking. Works well with red meat and perfect for garnishing !

Hiwa Kai sea salt:
Healthier alternative than your average table salt! You can use sea salt in anything from sweet to savory dishes!

Himalayan pink salt:
Not sure I've ever tried pink salt I've been hearing quite a lot about it though lately and couldn't wait to try it out! Did you know that it was found deep within the Himalayan mountains? Their pretty pink crystals are "Gourmet Food Grade" and also high in mineral content and well known for their beautiful color. You can use this salt on or in anything imaginable and great for grilling, roasting, cooking and presentation !

 check them out on their website and connect with them on their social media sites listed below !







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