Raw revolution organic live food bar review !

It all began in 2004 with natural food chef and registered nurse Alice Benedetto.  She began making snacks inside of her very own kitchen that were not only healthy but tasted good as well that she could provide for her children.

She started out by providing samples of her creations to friends and family and then started selling small batches to local stores that were within range to her home.

Within a few short days her bars were sold out and that's when she knew she was on to something.

With the support of her husband Dave Raw Revolution grew, trying out new flavors and combinations and Dave was on a mission to find some used equipment inside factories and threw together a line of equipment that were once used in pizzerias, bakeries and much more!

A decade later Dave and Alice are producing millions of Raw Revolution bars each year!

 Raw Revolution bars are now sold overseas and in the United States in major retailers and they are still made in their family owned factory just outside of New York City!

I love bars for a snack because they are delicious and a convenient snack after a workout or when craving something sweet to eat!

I've seen Raw Rev bars in stores but have never tried them and the flavors sounded amazing and I just had to try them!

Here are some facts about their tasty bars below:

Raw facts:

Gluten free
All organic
Dairy free

I was sent a mixed assortment of their bars to try for review in exchange for my honest opinion and here are the flavors I was sent!

Chunky peanut butter chocolate:
Perfect blend of peanut butter and chocolate in this delightful bar! It tastes just like a peanut butter cup only better !

Heavenly hazelnut chocolate:
Creamy chocolate with nutty chunks of hazelnut in every bite! Perfect for an afternoon pick me up, post workout snack or when you get the urge for something sweet!

Almond butter cup:
Smooth almond butter along with chunks of almonds in every bite, this bar made the perfect movie time snack !

Chocolate crave:
I loved this bar right here it was chocolaty, nutty and so tasty and made the perfect post workout snack after I worked out with Journey Gym!

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle:

All I've got to say is wow! I love the velvety chocolate flavor along with the essence of raspberries in every bite, it seriously was like eating a truffle chocolate only healthier and packed with nuts!

cherry chocolate chunk:

Chocolate and cherries pair so perfectly together with their tartness along with the creamy sensation of the chocolate mmmm good! I loved this bar it was chocolaty, nutty a bit of tartness from the chunks of the cherries baked right in the bar!

Coconut delight:

I couldn't wait to bite into this bar being that I love anything coconut! It was seriously love at first bite! The sweetness of the coconut and the nuttiness from the nuts was amazingly delicious and the perfect treat after my morning workout!

Dark chocolate trail mix:

A delicious blend of nuts and tangy cranberries mixed with dark chocolate chunks make the perfect on the go snack or even after a workout!

Double chocolate brownie:
Tastes just like a brownie but with all the good stuff such as nuts and chia seeds with chunks of chocolate in each bite!

Golden cashew:

This bar right here was amazingly delicious, it's seriously like winning the golden ticket in willy wonka! whether as a snack with some yogurt or served as a quick grab and go breakfast for when your in a hurry!

Chocolate coconut bliss:
This delightful chocolaty coconut bar tastes like my all time favorite candy which is almond joy! The smooth creaminess of the chocolate and the bits of coconut you get when you take a bite is outstanding it tastes exactly like a candy bar but healthier for you!

Spirulina dream:
A bit different than bars I'm used to but it was still tasty and held me till lunchtime !

Cranberry almond and coconut:
I loved this bar it was full of tart cranberries with the sweetness of coconut!







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