Sneakz Organics nutritional shake Review !

How many of you out there have kids that will not eat their vegetables because they think they are yucky?

You've tried everything under the sun to get them to try and eat them whether it's hiding them in Mac and cheese so they'll eat them and you hope that they will and not become dog food under the table!

The kids have no problem in eating their dessert though after their dinner do they?

Whether they don't like vegetables because of the taste or the color of them they still need nutrients and Sneakz Organics found a way to take the yuck out of vegetables and turned it into yum!

Sneakz Organics is a chocolate shake for kids that's packed with a full serving of vegetables in an Eco friendly 8oz container.

Sneakz Organics was founded in 2013 in Denver Colorado by two entrepreneurs with a background in natural foods with the desire to help children not only eat better but enjoy their veggies as well.

Their promise was born from a delicious concoction vegetable juice blend by co founder Allison Fowler.

She then shared it with co founder Charlie Philip and then it hit them, they made it into a kid friendly version with chocolate milk!

Kids will not only eat but they'll be getting their daily veggies which will make parents happy as well!

What's with the cute looking fox on the Sneakz container?

Oh That's the mascot Bandit the fox who lives on a vegetable farm and nibbles on carrots, sweet potatoes, beets and spinach with a game of hide and seek the veggies to help kids eat healthier.

When I heard about Sneakz Organic shakes I just had to try them out!

Allison herself sent me some Sneakz Organic shakes for review for my blog in exchange for my honest opinion!

I used to think it sounded sort of odd to take yummy tasting ingredients such as chocolate and tossing them into a blender for a shake but it's so good!

I love both vegetables and chocolate and I'm not afraid to try them together because when blended into a blender you can't taste them at all!

I've tried shakes before with veggies in them whether I've made them myself or from previous reviews I've done and all I tasted was chocolate or peanut butter !

I took one of them with me today to slurp after my workout at the gym before work and it was just what I needed for a quick on the go recovery snack! It was flavorful, chocolaty and I loved that you could hardly taste the vegetables!

it was outstanding!

 I couldn't believe it myself, this is one drink kids are sure to love!

Best of all moms it contains less sugar than any other flavored milk brand out there on the market, yes it contains 19 grams of sugar but that's from all the good stuff that's in the shake!

Here are some
Sneakz facts:
USDA organic certified shake
Contains No artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors
No hormones
No antibiotics
Contains no GMOs
Gluten free

Sneakz Nutritional value-

Contains a blend of whole foods that are organic such as carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, spinach and milk.

Contains 6 grams of protein and vitamins that are from whole food sources that include a hundred percent DV of vitamin A and twenty percent DV of calcium.

Contains 2 grams of fiber

I know it sounds odd chocolate milk mixed with veggies but it's so tasty and creamy it's seriously the best chocolate shake I've had in a long time!

Best of all Kids will love it and won't even taste the vegetables in there at all that's how good it is!

These shakes are great for:

A day at the beach
In the car
in your kids lunch boxes for school as a treat !
After a workout for a protein boost
And for play dates for the kids

Go out and buy some today!

This is one drink that you'll feel good about giving your children because it's healthy and tastes great!

Sold at these local retailers for $1.99

Babies r us
Whole foods
Super target stores







  1. How does this help as a recovery drink when there is so much sugar in the drink? Technically you're only supposed to be getting 50mg of sugar a day... this may be good for kids.. but probably not the best as a recovery drink.

    I've been trying to find products to help in my journey of weight loss as well, and the #1 thing both of my trainers have told me is that you have to watch the sugar and sodium intake..

  2. Yes there is a lot of sugar in it but I meant as far as it containing 6grams of protein for an after workout snack.


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