Fastachi Nut company review !

Souren Fastachi began his company in a small Boston neighborhood shop roasting nuts by hand in small batches in good old fashion steel roasting drums.

He was amazed at how the nuts got that golden brown color and the roasted flavor of them so much so that he then began trying out all kinds of mixes which satisfied his palette.

Then in 1990 he opened up shop and revealed his roasting perfections to all nut lovers out there!

Fastachi is one of the country's top purveyors of fresh roasted nuts!

When I came across a review online about their products I just had to check them out, they sounded so delicious in their own unique way!

I was sent some Fastachi products for review in exchange for my honest opinion and here is what I received.

Mixed nut butter:
I've tried many nut butters and some are delicious but a bit too dry what makes this nut butter so unique is that it offers a blend of salted pecans, roasted pistachios, roasted almonds, roasted pecans and cashews with raw walnuts.

Have you ever tried a nut butter or peanut butter that was just so dry you couldn't spread it on anything at all? Well Fastachi is not like that at all it goes great on rice cakes, on apples, bananas, in a smoothie, on a bagel or English muffin and much more! I love the taste of it and the fact that it doesn't offer the texture of sand. It's amazingly delicious! As a post workout snack after the gym I took a tablespoon of the nut butter and cut up an organic apple and it was just what I needed to recover!

Cranberry nut mix:

This sweet and salty fruity nut mix has salted and roasted pistachio kernels, cashews, hazelnuts, cranberries, and a blend of red skin peanuts, peanuts and sesame peanuts!
I love cranberries and they are even better when mixed with some nuts, the sweetness of the cranberries and the slight saltiness of the nuts make for a great topping on yogurt or on top of fresh fruit! Or on top of my favorite breakfast which is oatmeal!

Salted almonds in the shell:

What makes these almonds so unique is that they have a dusting of sea salt right on them making them much more tastier!
They worked wonderful in my almond joy overnight oats for breakfast this morning just the right amount of saltiness along with the creaminess of the chocolate and the sweetness from the coconut shreds!
I love almonds they work well in so many things from oatmeal to salads! I've never tried them straight from the shell before though!

Looking for the perfect gift for that very special someone?

Fastachi has a ton of products from nut mixes, nut butters and much more so check them out online today at the website listed below!





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