Journey Gym Review !

For as long as I can remember I've always been overweight which started when I was young and as the years flew by I put on the weight more.

When I was in my senior year in high school I weighed in at 362 pounds which was my heaviest I had ever been.

I've tried it all from the dieting and exercising but I just didn't have it in me at that point in my life all I cared about was my family and friends and I ended up giving up because it was too hard and I wasn't ready for the change.

I  wished that I could wake up one day and be skinny and all the name calling would stop but it didn't and it only made me depressed even more and the eating continued.

What people don't know is when they make fun of someone that person actually starts to look at themselves in a different way.

Each day I would try to force a smile on my face when I had to get ready for school and day after day I would look in the mirror and I saw this ugly fat person looking straight at me while trying to hold back the tears when the hurtful names would be replaying in my head like a broken record.

I know firsthand what an unhealthy eating lifestyle can do trust me, A few years later I was diagnosed with gallstones and needed surgery to have my gallbladder removed.

So what I needed to do before I had the surgery was go on a low fat diet and I felt great when the weight came off!

Truth is when I got it removed not long after I was in a dark place that point in my life and all I wanted was to shut the world out.

Then the unhealthy eating started again, I guess it's because I missed the foods I couldn't eat such as fried foods that I just didn't need but so wanted them which only lead me to gain weight.

Then as I got older I got smarter with my eating habits and started walking around the neighborhood
a lot more for exercise.

To me walking just wasn't enough especially during the winter it's no fun to walk with snow and ice on the ground!

Then I found Curves gym and signed up as a member, I couldn't wait to get started I was so happy and most importantly ready for the change!

I weighed 299 when I first started at Curves and then I started working out six days a week and eating healthier foods and cut back on a lot of the fried foods to the point I hardly ever eat them.

I couldn't believe how the weight came off it seriously blew me away!

It wasn't easy at times but I still stuck to it!

If it wasn't for Curves and an awesome support system of my family and curves workers and members I don't know where I would be, they really are great and I'm thankful I have such great people in my life.

I've been going strong for almost three years now being a member at curves and

I haven't given up and I'm so glad because I lost a tremendous amount of weight and I feel great!

What I could have said to my future self would have been this, your beautiful, strong and you were made to do this and no matter how hard it gets don't ever give up!

Sure I've missed days where I don't go to the gym who hasn't?

It's funny how I used to hate working out but as I changed my lifestyle I love it, from the sweat, to the number on the scale dropping to the new workout clothing for motivation!

Hard work really does pay off, you just have to give it all you've got and keep pushing when you feel like throwing in the towel.

The workout at the gym is great and I was looking for one like it that I could do in the comfort of my own home which lead me to Journey gym !

So what is Journey Gym?

Journey gym is the first ever portable gym that you can take anywhere imaginable with you whether your on vacation, outdoors in a park or in the comfort of your own home.

So how did Journey Gym get it's name?

It all began one day when the founders of Journey Gym were on a business trip in their hotel room and the gym at the hotel was a bit outdated with poor quality.

Not only that but the meeting and the gym were at different ends of the hotel and there simply wasn't enough time to squeeze in a workout before the meeting began so that's when the smart concept of Journey Gym was born!

We've all been there each and every one of us where we feel there's not enough time to get a workout in before the kids go off to school, before we go to work and other things that come up but with Journey Gym you can take it with you!

Isn't it heavy? How can you take a gym with you?

Truth is it's like a laptop basically it folds up and travels with you wherever you go!

Word got out about Journey Gym and how there's more to it than being just a travel gym as said by leaders of corporations, hoteliers, and owners of fitness clubs it's simply a universal gym and stair stepper all in one!

The best part when your not using it folds up and you can store it in any closet, armoire or even underneath the bed at the hotel room that your staying in.

Not only is it a great workout but you have access to fitness wherever you are with Journey Gym!

Journey Gym began in 2008 being the worlds first ever portable gym!

When I heard about Journey Gym i thought wow this product sounds pretty cool and it would be a great workout for me to further my weight loss !

I was sent the Journey Gym for review a while back for the 70 day challenge and I couldn't believe at how great the workout was I loved it!

I started working out with Journey Gym weighing in at 188 pounds.

I was so excited when I received Journey Gym for review I knew that I would absolutely love working out with it especially on rainy days or when I miss the gym for whatever reason but most importantly to continue with my weight loss journey!

As work started getting busier though I wasn't working out with journey gym as much and slacked off at the gym but I'm back at it again!

Journey Gym facts:

It doesn't take up too much space on the floor or wherever you set it up

5-20 minutes to workout is all it takes with a Journey Gym workout

Comes with pre developed 5, 10, 20 minute workout exercise DVDs

You can track what you eat and your activity that you do as well online

There's also a community of trainers of the team and other journey gym owners that you can communicate with for motivation which is fantastic!

 Since I started working out with journey gym I lost eight pounds tallying my weight loss total to 117 pounds!

I know it's not much losing only eight pounds since I've started but I'm still working out at home with the Journey gym five to six days a week plus going to the gym six and eating healthy!

I will continue to keep you all posted with Journey Gym results! Stay healthy all! Xoxo







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