Inbru coffee flavors Review!

My drug of choice is coffee especially flavored I absolutely love it, whether it's hot or cold but I prefer iced coffee even during the winter.

When you purchase a coffee at your local coffee place they have either flavored syrups, those small cups of creamer that are too sweet and before you know it your cup of coffee contains a lot of calories, sugar and fat that we just don't need!

I started making coffee at home a lot more now with my Keurig and it tastes just like the kind in a coffeehouse and cheaper too and best of all I get to control what goes in it, yes I use a flavored syrup but just a teaspoon or a little under that.

 A little really does go a long way. I like my coffee with almond milk in it as well I use unsweetened vanilla and it tastes great!

Don't you wish that there was a way you could enjoy a flavored coffee without adding any fat and calories to your coffee?

Well, you can! It's called Inbru and it's the most healthiest and newest product on the market for adding flavor to your coffee!

Inbru coffee is made from natural California rice hulls which is the tough parchment that protects and surrounds each grain of rice as it grows and develops.

When the hulls are removed it's similar to brown rice then the hulls are discarded and they are an extraordinary source of natural flavor carrier.

Did you know that rice hulls are in fact used by home beer brewers as a filter medium because it's natural and taste neutral and will not dissolve when it's exposed to high temperatures, pressure and moisture.

Adding Inbru to your ground coffee in your brewing basket is really all it takes to flavor your coffee without all the sugar, fat and calories!

Most importantly you can enjoy it at home or at work! All you have to do is brew a pot of your favorite coffee and toss in some Inbru and store it in the fridge overnight if your an iced coffee kind of person like me! If not you can enjoy it hot!

Hot water and gentle agitation in the brew process then releases the Inbru flavors as the coffee is extracted.

Inbru doesn't dissolve in the coffee it stays right in with the coffee grounds.

Inbru coffee flavors are 100% compostable, biodegradable and the PET plastic container scoop and lid are recyclable.

Inbru is a dry and aromatic with flavor that lasts for a year or more, and just like any other product making sure it's sealed when not in use helps maintain flavors and aroma.

All you do is select your ground coffee of choice and toss it into the filter.

Them sprinkle in Inbru and then brew your coffee as directed.

Before you know it you'll have the most delicious coffee ever and you'll feel great about it because it contains

Non allergenic
No calories
No carbs
No fat
No tree nuts
No peanuts
No soy
No dairy
No gluten
And no sugar

You get to choose your own coffee
There's more than 20 flavors of Inbru to choose from

I was so excited to be able to try out some Inbru for review for my blog!

Like I said before being that I am a sucker for flavored coffee I couldn't wait to try this out!

I was able to choose my own flavors I wanted to try as well!

Blueberry Muffin:

I've never tried a blueberry coffee before but knew that it was out there, Dunkin Donuts has a blueberry flavored coffee and I thought it sounded weird like how great could a fruity coffee taste? I've tried all kinds of coffee and there were some I loved and some I didn't. I came across Inbrus  blueberry muffin coffee flavor online and I thought well I do like muffins and blueberries so it peeked my interest and knew right then and there I just had to try it! wow this flavor is out of bounds amazing and it went along perfectly with the coffee I used alongside a steaming hot stack of blueberry pancakes!

What I thought was neat is that there's a tiny plastic spoon inside of the coffee container so you won't have any big messes on the counter!

Butterscotch Drop:

Oh my what can I say about this velvety smooth golden goodness?  It tastes just like the butterscotch candies that I grew up on as a kid! You know the golden discs that are buttery and plain delicious! It was sweet and buttery and pure delicious to the very last drop!

If you love coffee especially with a flavor then you'll love Inbru check them out online today!







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