Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge

One thing that I totally hate this time of year is my hair being dried out from the cold weather!

I absolutely hate it and can't stand it, even my skin gets all dry!

Last week or so I got an email invititing me to the Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge Campaign on Bzzagent, thought to myself heck yes I need to try this out because my hair is dried out.

I couldn't wait until it arrived so I could try it and share my review along with my viewers.

When I came home I noticed the Bzzagent tape wrapped around the box, always makes me happy seeing that bee symbol!

So I ripped the box open then decided to try it out.

Of course before I tried it I took a photo what came in the kit.

It came with shampoo,conditioner and dry hair treatment cream.

So I gathered my things and took a shower.

I love the smell of it, smells so good!

In the shampoo there are these little powerful beads that help hydrate your hair making it more healthier and shiny looking!

Of course I used the conditioner then realized I was supposed to use the treatment cream before conditioning.

Ugh, I know mental head slap. LOL

Anyways I loved the end result of this product!

Not because of how great my hair smelled but the way it felt when I ran my fingers through it and my hair wasn't dried out!!

This stuff actually works!


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