Andean Dream Review

Ever notice that when you eat products such as wheat breads or sweets you feel the need to eat more?

So I was watching Dr. Oz show yesterday and they were talking about how when you eat something such as junk foods you feel like you need more.

Great name they came up with for it is called Carbage which is foods like pancakes, chips, desserts when you overload on foods and don't feel satisfied so you eat again to try to fill that void and that is called rebound hunger.

Makes you over eat to the point where you aren't feeling full like you should be.

Episode about super grains such as Quinoa.

Kick it up a notch by trying something different.

A new product I have recently tried and love is Quinoa, which is a powerhouse grain.

It's nutritious and delicious.

The first time I tried it I was at Whole Foods at the salad bar. 

It's high in protein, and contains a balanced set of amino acids,vitamins and minerals as well.

You can toss some into a salad, a burger or cookies!

It's also the most nourishing grain in the world.

Doesn't contain
no nuts
and their products are all natural!

I've only tried it in salads, until now.

Words can not express how delighted I am to be trying these delicious and satisfying foods from Andean Dream for review.

All of their products are made with Quinoa and I couldn't wait to try it in another form such as cookies!

They sent me 3 packages of cookies, some soups and a package of spaghetti.

You can see in the below photo they sent me chocolate chip, coconut and coffee cookies.

They also have:

Raisins And Spice
Orange Essence

*Cookie Key points*

Made with Organic Royal Quinoa which is the finest in the world!

Contains 21 essential amino acids.

Grows in Southern Bolivia near a mineral enriched salt lake which the lake minerals enrich the soil where the Quinoa grows and contributes excellence! 

Cookies are gluten free and free of all animal products

individually wrapped in a recyclable material for your convenience. 

Low in sugar

Rich in fiber and protein

making a more healthier snack option.

I love pasta and don't have it too often so tonight for dinner I had some of the Quinoa pasta and chicken parm with a salad.

I have never tried this pasta before but I sure do love it!

The spaghetti gives the right amount of protein and fiber giving you that satisfying feeling letting you know you are full which to me is good.

It doesn't taste any different than other pastas I've tried.

So far I've tried the cookies.


Great coconut taste, sweet not too sweet.

I have to say this one was my favorite!

It was crumbly and delicious.


Great coffee taste, not too overwhelming.

Chocolate Chip:

Yummy chocolate taste and works great with almond milk!

Quinoa soup:

This is by far the best soup I have had in a long time!
It was flavorful and so delicious especially on a cold night!

I do have to say, they are outstanding products!

I love how Quinoa can be incorporated into so many recipes and food products such as spaghetti, soups, salads and even cookies!

Check out their line of products on their web page here!

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Due to FCC Rules 
Andean Dream provided me with samples of their Quinoa products in exchange for a product review. All, the opinions expressed are my own.


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