Barre Bars Review

What I look for in a snack is something that will keep me full, delicious, made from real ingredients and this snack has just that! 

What comes to mind when I think of these bars I received for review from a company called Barre Bar is that they are made up of whole ingredients and are exceptionally great for athletes and professional dancers.

This tasty treat not only is delicious but it doesn't weigh you down to the point after eating you just don't want to move!

In 2010 Julia (maker of Barre) was on a mission for the perfect snack for athletes using only simple ingredients.

She then brought her first concoction to test to her friends and colleagues and they loved it!

Made to provide energy to your performance such as a basketball player, or a ballet dancer, did you know that Julia is a ballet dancer herself?

Her and her partner and coworker Aaron who was an energy bar connoisseur 

himself set out to make more bars for others to enjoy and that's just what they did.

Later on in 2010 Barre Bars were born.

These bars are amazing, and here is why.

Gives you energy to perform your best
All natural ingredients
Keeps you fuller longer

Pirouette Cinnamon Pecan
Black Swan Chocolate Berry
Ballerina Spiruluna

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Barre Foods sent me their energy bars in exchange for a product review. All the opinions expressed are my own.


  1. this looks so yummy thanks for the tip will have to try this out


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