St. Ives Timeless Skin Apricot Scrub Review

As a teenager I would always use St. Ives  facial scrubs, I loved the way it made my skin feel so soft to the touch and that it worked as well.

Then I couldn't find them anymore in the stores so I stopped using their products.

Funny because when I used this product I've always used the Apricot Scrub!

I came across their website and noticed that they had new products and thought I have got to try them since I am a huge fan, which brought me to this review today.

I was sent a wonderful new apricot scrub called Timeless Skin and it firms and tones skin as well as cleans your pores for a fresh all natural glow.


I am in love with this new product because it  makes my skin feel soft and it's also easy to use.

Just moisten face with warm water, squeeze a small amount onto finger tips and rub it on, then rinse.

Now how easy is that?

Whoa, they even have lotions and body washes!

I would love to try the coconut one! 

Does not contain animal ingredients
Formulated without parabens and phthalates

You can find Timeless Skin care and other St. Ives products at:

Stop and Shop
Rite Aid 
and more!

Be sure to look them up!

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