Rocky Mountain Popcorn Review

If there is one thing I love to eat when watching a good movie it is popcorn!

Every time my family and I went to see a movie we would always buy some popcorn, what's not to love with the fluffy texture and the saltiness of the butter drizzled on.

Now I am more health conscious and aware of just how much bad stuff is in the popcorn offered at showcases.

So when I want a movie theater themed type of popcorn I reach for something more healthier and most importantly all natural.

Which brought me to a wonderful company that sent me bags of popcorn to review by the name of Rocky Mountain Popcorn.

Their popcorn let's you snack responsibly without the guilt of popcorn that's loaded in butter.

Not in the buttery flavor kind of mood?

Don't worry they have sweet and zesty flavors as well!

For my review I was sent these flavors:

white cheddar
southwest cheddar
kettle corn
cinnamon sugar
and caramel

I love that they have more than one flavor!

So far I have tried three of the flavors.

White Cheddar:

I loved the little bag, made for the perfect snack.

The cheese taste was just right.

Very light and airy.


Basically plain popcorn with a hint of sweetness to it.
Loved it!


Whoa, insane butter flavor!

So good, and is the perfect movie time snack!

Southwest Cheddar:

Great cheesy flavor but then you get a bit of an overwhelming spicy flavor.

I'm not a big fan of spicy foods.

You have got to check out their popcorn line below!

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I received popcorn for reviewing purposes only. All thoughts are strictly my own.


  1. my top 3 favs was white cheddar, caramel and cin sugar. for me it was like eating air popped popcorn with delicious was AWESOME tasting popcorn!


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