Earth Balance Naturals Review

While I was browsing the net one night I came across Earth Balance Naturals products and thought to myself I have got to try their products!

They have all kinds of products that I know and love such as butter, milk,peanut butter and much more and the best of all it's organic and healthy.

I emailed them to see if I could review their products to share with my readers and was so excited when I got the yes!

I am an all natural food junkie lately since I eat right and exercise a lot, so I couldn't wait to try out their products.

When I got my coupons in the mail for my review I went to the market and picked up one of the butter spreads. (Couldn't find the other products there)

The other night I made one of my Sunshine Garden Burgers and added a little bit of the Earth Balance Buttery Organic spread to the pan so it wouldn't stick.

Not only did it not stick to the pan it tasted amazing!

To me it tasted a lot better and healthier than other butter spreads.

What I liked about this spread is that you can cook with it, you can put a bit on some toast, bagel or an English muffin!

Since some stores don't carry Earth Balance or were out, I went to Whole Foods and found Earth Balance peanut butter and I chose the smooth and creamy!

I spread some on some rice cakes for a snack the other day and it was amazingly delicious!

Sweet and creamy and the right amount of peanut butter!

You can use it for crackers, on rice cakes, desserts, baking or even in some oatmeal! 

They also have it in crunchy!

I've never heard of coconut and peanut butter mixed!

Haven't tried it but it sure does sound good!

I can't wait to see if I can find more Earth Balance products to use the rest of my coupons!

*Other products*
Soy Milk
Peanut Butters with coconut 
Mindful Mayo in Original, Organic or olive oil
Baking Sticks such as shortening or butter
Culinary Spreads such as organic coconut, Organic Sweet Cinnamon and Organic Garlic and Herb
Puff snacks such as p.b. popps, Vegan Aged White Cheddar puffs and popcorn
Vegan buttery flavor popcorn
and much more!

Made with all natural ingredients
no hydrogenated oils
Gluten Free
Lactose Free
and Egg Free

Be sure to check out their products and connect with them online at the sites below! 

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Due to FCC guidelines:
Earth Balance  sent me coupons for free products of choice in exchange for a product review. However, All the opinions expressed here are my own.


  1. I'm always looking for great new products to try and these look great. Hope I can find them locally.

  2. I need to add this to my Whole Foods list for when I make a trip there (if I can't find it locally of course.) Especially that butter! I want toast now for some odd reason, LOL.

    1. lol i like thats but i want to share with you the best if you want


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