Organic Gemini Tigernut Review

Have you ever heard of tiger nuts ?

I've never even heard about tiger nuts before but it peeked my interest when I came across The Organic Gemini products online.

So if tiger nuts aren't nuts then what are they?

Tiger nuts are tiny root vegetables also known as a tuber.

It was about two million years ago in Africa where our Paleo ancestors depended on this super root making it 80% of their diets.

Did you know that tiger nuts are the number one whole food source  of resistant starch which is a prebiotic fiber that aids in human digestion which then turns into fuel for probiotics. 

Fun fact-
An ounce of tiger nuts is 40% of our daily recommend fiber. 

They contain as much iron as red meat and as much potassium as coconut water, they are rich in magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and vitamin E & C.

Being that tiger nuts provide major health benefits they can assist those who are facing health problems such as

Heart disease
Types of cancers including colon
Cardiovascular disease
Digestive diseases
And autoimmune diseases 

Just recently I discovered that I'm living with hypothyroidism which is an under active thyroid where it doesn't produce enough thyroid hormone.

Since I've learned about hypothyroidism  I've made some changes to my diet and cut out grains which was a big change for me but I'm managing and don't even miss it! 

Organic Gemini products are made with simple ingredients without any additives and non gmo.

Organic Gemini  makes all sorts of tiger nut products.

to name a few:
 Tiger nut oil 
Tiger nut raw granola
Tiger nut raw snack
Tiger nut flour
Tiger nut horchata and more! 

I was sent some Organic Gemini tiger nut products for review and here is what I received.

Tiger-nut flour:

I have tried tiger nut flours in a few recipes and loved the way it tasted with a slight sweetness. 

I made the best ever banana chocolate chip pancakes with  tiger nut flour they came out fluffy and flavorful  adding a nutty flavor with a hint of sweetness making one delicious breakfast to start the morning! 

My all time favorite dessert to whip up in the fall is apple crisp so I did just that! 

I sliced and diced the apples up and tossed them into a pan of a bit of butter with cinnamon and maple syrup until they softened.

Then I mixed the tiger nut flour with a half cup of maple syrup and mixed until crumbly.

I then poured the apple mixture into a baking dish and then spooned out the tiger nut crumble in top of the apples and then popped it into the oven until brown.

I then topped it with a little coconut milk ice cream and it made for the perfect dessert!  It was crumbly, nutty, flaky, sweet and melt in your mouth scrumptious! The way the ice cream melted over the juicy tender crisp apples and flaky sweet nutty crust was to die for it was superb!

Tiger nut raw snack:
With tiger nut raw snacks you can soak them in water which softens them and enhances their flavor or you can eat them right out of the bag for one tasty crunchy snack that offers a sweet nutty flavor!

Being that I'm starting to limit dairy from my diet as well there's not many milk options out there that are free of carrageenan and other yucky stuff I decided to make tiger nut milk that contains only a few ingredients and has numerous health benefits as well.

Recipe for tiger nut milk

1)Measure out a cup of raw tiger nuts and put them in a large bowl
2)Then measure out four cups of water and put into bowl
3)Then cover the bowl with a cloth for 24-48 hours to allow the tiger nuts to soften and become crunchy 
4) pour the soaking water into a blender which allows it to become more flavorful when you get the finished product, blend on high until you get a creamy milk texture with tiny pieces of tiger nut pulp then add your vanilla, cinnamon, honey, agave whichever you prefer and pink Himalayan salt to flavor the milk.
5)then strain the milk into a nut bag or a strainer you'll want to juice as much liquid as you can from the pulp 
6) store the milk in the fridge allowing it to get cold
7) serve and enjoy! 

Save the pulp! It's packed with beneficial nutrients that you can use in so many recipes! 

The milk only lasts for a few days in the fridge so drink up buttercup! 

What I loved about tiger nut flour is not only the fact that it offers a nutty flavor with a subtle sweetness but you can use it in both savory  and sweet recipes.

I loved the creamy sweet nuttiness of the tiger nut milk that the raw tiger nuts made it was a real treat and so delicious served over granola! 

You can use tiger nut milk in smoothies, oatmeal, coffee and much more!





The organic Gemini brand provided me with samples in exchange for review however all opinions expressed here are in fact my own.


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