#MoreIsBetter with Cottonelle double roll and CrowdTap

Thanks to Cottonelle my bathroom experience has been enhanced to say the least and I owe it all to their new and improved toilet tissue with 35% more sheets which is more than Charmin's ultra strong double roll!

Have you ever used bathroom tissue and it felt like you were wiping with sandpaper? Thank goodness for  Cottonelle's cleancare double roll not only does it offer 35% more sheets it's soft, fits most toilet paper holders, strong and absorbent.

For as long as I can remember I've been a fan of cottonelle their products are like no other they are soft and get the job done if you know what I mean.

I was provided with Cottonelle's new double roll pack through  crowdtap for sampling purposes and knew that my bathroom experience would be luxurious! It's so soft and fluffy like a cloud!

Ever feel like you don't wipe as good as you should? With Cottonelle and it's 
clean ripple textures you can get that good clean feeling!

With 35% more sheets from cottonelle that means it lasts much longer without changing the roll than if you were using Charmin's.

With 35% more sheets per roll I can save money on groceries as well as having a lot more money to spend on gifts this Christmas!

Now that I have 35% more toilet paper I feel comfortably clean!






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