The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums Product Review !

Have you ever noticed that when you brush your teeth your sink turns up pink? 

I used to think it meant that you were brushing too hard if your gums bleed boy was I wrong! 

Did you know that swollen and bleeding gums are the first sign of gingivitis?

If left untreated it can lead to loss of teeth, oral surgery, infection and bone deterioration.

Gum disease is also associated with other health conditions such as diabetes and cancer. 

Bleeding gums can be caused by an insufficient removal of plaque removal causing the gums to become inflamed and bleed. 

Signs of gingivitis may be the cause of bleeding gums 

*bad breath or taste that is persistent 
*tender or red gums
*red, swollen or tender gums
*teeth that are loose
*a change in the easy your teeth align when you bite

You may be at risk for gum disease if 

*you use tobacco products 
*clench or grind teeth
*poor nutrition
*poor oral hygiene 

With proper care you can reduce your risk of gum diseases each day with The Natural Dentist by 

*brushing after every meal and before bedtime 
*visit your dentist at least every six months 
*clean in between your teeth with stim-Udent plaque remover or floss at least twice daily
*Use a fluoride gentle toothpaste such as the natural dentist with no Lauryl-sulfate. 

Add The Natural Dentist Healthy Gums mouth rinse daily to your oral routine on a daily basis.

Stop bleeding, swollen gums in their tracks today with the natural dentist! 

The best cure for bleeding gums and all Natural Dentist was put it in a bottle! 

*Natural Dentist is free of dyes, preservatives, artificial sweeteners and alcohol.

*Helps aid bleeding gums as well as reducing gingivitis.

*Helps to reduce mouth sores

*Been clinically proven as powerful as the prime prescription mouth rinse.

*Recommended and used by head dentists 

 Natural Dentist is made up of a one of a kind combination of herbal extracts 
with a soothing amount of aloe Vera.

Aloe Vera has numerous health benefits to name a few 

Anti fungal
Soothes and heals
Natural Dentist mouth rinse is alcohol free and contains no harsh chemicals.

It's a powerful mouthwash that's light and calming making it the best rinse for people whom have delicate oral hygiene needs.

It kills germs just as good as the top prescription mouthwash.

Proven by dentists gum disease will impact a wide number of people who are living with chronic illnesses such as diabetes making their impact greater.

Cancer treatment and its impact on the mouth:

*800,000 people will receive chemotherapy each year.

*About 40% of the patients sometimes will get an infection and irritation of the mouth tissue also called oral mucositis making it hard to talk, swallow and eat.

*Oral hygiene care is important during treatment for cancer to help lessen any troubles and to continue cancer treatment on schedule.

I came across The Natural Dentist online and I was instantly drawn to the fact that they are made with all natural ingredients and contain no alcohol so there's no burning when rinsing out the mouth! 

Here are the ingredients listed and their healthy benefits as well

Grapefruit seed extract cleanses the mouth as you rinse

Calendula soothes irritations of the mouth

Aloe Vera gel aides in healing, soothing and protecting 

Echinacea helps heal any wounds of the mouth and reduces inflammation 

Goldenseal strengthens the mucous membranes and keeps inflammation at bay

I was then sent some of their healthy gums products to try out and here is what I received to facilitate this review.

Healthy Gums Antigingivitis Mouth Rinse Peppermint Twist 

I've tried other peppermint mouth rinses before and they'd make my mouth feel like it was on fire due to the alcohol but not this brand.

Natural Dentist mouth rinse are free of alcohol so there's no burning sensation  upon rinsing out your mouth, is all natural, freshens breath, fights cavities and tartar buildup all while giving your mouth a good clean feeling that it deserves.

What I liked about this mouth rinse was the fact that while swishing it around my mouth after brushing it didn't burn like others do instead it gave a delicate taste of peppermint leaving my mouth with a good clean feeling.

Peppermint twist Healthy Teeth & Gums all in one fluoride toothpaste:

Contains no artificial colors or flavors or sodium Lauryl sulfate 
With purified aloe Vera
Helps fight cavities and tartar 
Promotes gum health 
Strengthens tooth enamel
Whitens teeth and freshens breath 

I could sense that the toothpaste working as soon as I started brushing it offers a tingly yet soothing peppermint taste just enough to wake up my mouth and it gave a nice good clean feeling!

Healthy Gums Antigingivitis Orange Zest:

loved the light and refreshing notes of citrus in every swish it made my mouth feel clean with a fruity sensation! 

Since I started using The Natural Dentist I've noticed a difference in not only my mouth by my fresh breath and whiter teeth but my confidence as well. I no longer find myself doing the breath check you know what I'm talking about come on now we've all done it. 

Natural Dentist healthy gums mint-free orange zest and peppermint twist are sold in Whole Foods markets, Walmart, rite aid, Walgreens, stop&shop, natural retailers, drug stores and your local grocery stores! 

Look for Natural Dentist healthy gums at a location nearest you!

The Natural Dentist brand provided me with samples in exchange for review, however all opinions expressed here are in fact my own. 





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