Unguilt your chocolate with The Great Unbaked !

Craving chocolate but don't want feel the guilt afterward when you indulge in a little sweet treat?

With these raw treats from The Great Unbaked company in Grants Pass Oregon you can indulge a little by satisfying that sweet tooth without the guilt.

The Great Unbaked company started off in the quaint town if Grants Pass Oregon in the year 2010.

They have a love for food that not only tastes good but healthy as well and they firmly feel that the healthiest foods is the most scrumptious food ever and they aren't afraid to prove it.

Have you ever cane across a food in a store and thought to yourself it's healthy so I might as well eat it? 

So you get home and nibble one of those healthy cookies that you just bought and it tastes like cardboard!

Truth is don't give in to it just because you think it's healthy and might taste like it too read the nutrition label first and do your research.

Years ago when I first started eating healthy I did the same thing then 
realized they weren't as healthy as they claimed to be and then started 
eating more nutritious foods and how they tasted better.

Have you ever noticed that when you indulge in foods that aren't healthy you
wind up sluggish and don't feel well but when you eat healthy you feel great

like you are full of energy?

The Great Unbaked makes their treats with prime raw ingredients where they are supplied from small farms and fair trade suppliers.

They support business that firmly believe in making an impact on ones life
and use  use organic ingredients whenever they can.

Their goal is to not only offer whole food options that are in fact nutritious
but delicious too to satisfy any sweet tooth.

I came across The Great Unbaked online and what made me fall in love with them even more wasn't just the reason that their treats are made with chocolate or because they are made with real ingredients but because they have a passion for our planet where they try to be as Eco friendly when need be so much so that half of their packaging is recyclable/compostable  and
made from recycled products which is awesome!

What you won't find in The Great Unbaked 

nothing artificial colors, preservatives, sweeteners 
Refined white sugar and flour

Mochaccino :
With this little
 truffle you can have your coffee and chocolate too only without the crash because its free of caffeine! Love the crunch and robust flavor from the beans and luscious melt in your mouth chocolate !  



Melt in your mouth delicious first you get that smooth creaminess from the chocolate and then that explosion of mint that wakes up your mouth. I liked that the mint was light and refreshing it mixed with the chocolate very well making it one tasty delicacy!

Nibs Dark:
The cocoa nibs not only gave the bar a great flavor but a satisfying crunch to them making it one delightful treat! 

With the holidays coming around the corner these treats make the perfect stocking stuffer for the chocolate lover in the family!

So Unguilt your chocolate today with The Great Unbaked!

The Great Unbaked company provided me with samples in exchange for review however all opinions expressed here are in fact my own.






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