GT's Kombucha organic and raw synergy drinks

It all began in 1995 when founder of GT's Kombucha GT Dave learned his mother was diagnosed with a rapid form of breast cancer.

With only a week of being on an emotional roller coaster they were at ease when they had learned that the cancer hadn't spread and the reason why was because of the powerful taste of cultured tea that she had been drinking. 

GT was amazed at how Kombucha had aid his mother so he began making it in their own home at the tender age of 15 where he had no goal but a passion to share with those who could gain from it.

He first started by delivering his very own Kombucha by hand to health food stores around the area and then grew into a full grown company that offers over 17 flavor varieties of kombucha products to choose from sold through out the USA.

Laraine Dave began sipping in kombucha in 1993 when a friend that was close to the family offered her a taste.

She started making her own at home and was weary at first of the taste at first but it quickly grew on her and she loved it so much so that she felt the need to have it each day.

People she knew noticed she had this glow to her so she took some kombucha with her to work at the Beverly Hills department store and that's when she got the name kombucha queen.

In 1995 she was diagnosed with breast cancer that was a rare yet aggressive form of breast cancer that was moving at a rapid rate to the boned and lymph nodes the size of a golf ball doctors implied that she had less than a year to live.

She was tested a week later and learned that the cancerous cells had not materialized and her physicians approached her wanting to know if she was doing anything special she told them I've been drinking kombucha everyday.

She then began researching about  this so called miracle elixir and discovered in many books that its a healing tradition that has been passed down from cultures and centuries.

The size of the tumor she decided to undergo chemotherapy as well as radiation to get rid of the cancerous cells. 

Kombucha has kept her going strong before she learned of the cancer, during and after and truly believes that it is in fact a miracle drink where she had made the will to spread the news of kombucha to everyone and hopes it 
will touch their life like it has with hers.

To this day she has remained cancer free all thanks to kombucha for playing a huge part in her life.

I was provided with coupons to try out GT's Kombucha in exchange for review and picked up two flavors and here is what I chose!

Mystic Mango:

I love mangoes there's something about them that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside maybe it's their vibrant color or sweetness that reminds me of Summer ! They are juicy, sweet and oh so yummy especially in drink form! Mystic Mango reminded me of that ripe and fruity sweet mango taste that I love with a bit of a bite!


I couldn't quite put my tastebuds on it as I carefully sipped this fruity yet tart drink with a little kick it was enough to awaken my senses and say wow that is good! Trilogy offers a unique blend of Tart lemons, spicy ginger and tangy raspberries in one tasty drink!






GT's Kombucha provided me with samples in exchange for review however all opinions expressed here are my own.


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