Betsy's Best Bar None Real Food Bars Review

Betsy's Best Bar None began in 2011 in Portland Oregon, to be able to provide a snack that was not only healthy and tasty but free of allergens as well.

Betsy's Best bars are vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, grain-free, nut-free and are 100% organic.

Made without any preservatives, fillers or isolates and are free from GMO's.

They were perfected with healthy real ingredients that weren't processed. 

They are made with you in mind free from allergens meeting your dietary needs.

Betsy's bars are nutrient-dense and are the most cleanest if not healthiest bar on the market! 

Their bars are in fact produced in an environment where they process soy, dairy and nut products however during the production process there are strict cleanliness  guidelines as well as to monitor the environment around them to make sure they will meet the standards of their organic, vegan, kosher and gluten-free requirements.

Betsy Langton creator of Betsy's Bar None was driven to begin her very own 
company after she had completed an internship with the Oregon department of corrections to become a licensed psychiatric nurse practitioner .

 Half of the men and women that were in prison at the time had a growing feeling that whatever they did to get their lives back on track would forever label them as "once a felon, always a felon" that they'd be 
Remembered as.

The name "Bar None" comes from the male inmates at the facility in Portland demonstrates Betsy's dream of her own business which was to help provide jobs for people that were changing to bring knowledge to the process of restorative justice.

Restorative justice is a network of criminal justice that is based on the rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with victims and community.

Best Bar None advocates the insight prison project or (IPP) as well as the curriculum that are established to help the prisoners and parolees to be able to renter society successfully. They donate a percentage of their profits to the IPP where they hope to become more committed in the restorative 
justice movement as Betsy's bar none edpands!   

Free of 

Betsy's Bars are made with no preservatives, isolates or fillers.

Each bar is packed with a total of 10 grams of protein which makes for a great post workout snack or even as a quick healthy and delicious breakfast that will keep you full.

They are made with real simple ingredients for example pumpkin seed butter, hemp, flax, chia, sunflower seed butter and coconut palm sugar.

They are both vegan and certified organic as well as Paleo friendly making 
them even more deliciously healthy ! 

Betsy's best bar none comes in these delectable flavors

Orange poppyseed
Peppermint chocolate chip
Savory rosemary
Lemon coconut
Dark chocolate chip 
Cinnamon cardamom 
Chili chocolate chip

Betsy's Best Bar None sent me some of their bars to try out for review and here is what I received.

Peppermint chocolate chip:

Peppermint brings tidings of comfort and joy in each jolly chocolaty bite ! 

Orange poppyseed:

I really loved the way the zest of the orange flavored the bar it was light yet refreshing with a crunch from the poppyseed.  It was like eating a freshly baked muffin fresh out of the oven only without the guilt! 

Savory rosemary:

Biting into this bar I couldn't quite out my finger on it as what it reminded me of and then it hit me! It reminded me of Thanksgiving Dinner with the pungent aroma of rosemary making it not only savory but delicious ! 

Chili chocolate chip:

The heat from the chili and  sweetness from the smooth chocolate chunks really balance each other out in this tasty bar. It was spicy and sweet making it surprisingly delicious!  

Dark chocolate chip:

This bar was a mix between a decadent brownie and a muffin packed with melt in your mouth chocolate chips so moist, flavorful and went along perfectly with a cup of vanilla nut teecino decaf tea it was sweet but not too sweet and so delicious! 

Lemon coconut:

Delicately flavored with the citrus of lemons and sweet nuttiness from coconut. I loved that the taste of the lemon wasn't overpowering it really balanced out the nuttiness from the coconut perfectly making it one delicious bar! 

Cinnamon cardamom:

To me this bar smelled like and tasted like  freshly baked gingerbread with the sweetness of the cinnamon intertwining  with an aromatic aroma of cardamom. A little spice and everything nice!   





Betsy's Best Bar None provided me with samples in exchange for review however all opinions expressed here are in fact my own.


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