Flossing with Listerine ULTRACLEAN and Crowdtap !

As a child I hated going to the dentist just dreading that question, you know the one I'm talking about. Have you been flossing?

Flossing just got easier with Listerine ULTRACLEAN thanks to it's micro-grooves technology that reaches up to 2X more plaque than glide mint floss. 

I hated flossing and wanted no part of it growing up but as I got older Realized just how important it was to floss not only brushing my teeth.

I've been a fan of the listerine brand for as long as I can remember I liked the way their mouth wash made my mouth free of bad breath causing germs and gave it a good clean feeling.

I was psyched when I was sent a sample of Listerine ultraclean floss from crowdtap to try out I couldn't wait to wake up my mouth and get that good clean feeling that made me fall in love with their products many years ago!

I've tried all sorts of floss products from the picks you know the ones that are literally the size of your finger and it gets caught between your teeth and the reach floss that's like a toothbrush but with a floss stick at the end none of them worked for me until now that is.

The ease of the slide of the floss made it so easy to get in between each tooth without any irritation or bleeding.

It's micro-grooves technology gathers up to 2X more plaque than glide mint floss.

Since using Listerine ultraclean  mint floss my mouth feels more refreshed, free of plaque and makes brushing fun! 

Discover the good clean feeling with Listerine ultraclean today!




The Listerine brand provided me with a sample to facilitate this review, however all opinions expressed here are my own.


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