Aurorae microfiber sport yoga towel review

It all began with founder of Aurorae yoga Dennis Ingui who embraced a love for yoga.

Dennis being a cancer survivor since 2001 needed an opening in his life to aid him in strengthening not only his body but his mind as well which yoga has helped him in gain a new perspective on life.

Though he's not an instructor or yogi he's devoted to yoga being that it's impacted his life so much so and realizes how important it is to others .

Aurorae yoga's objective is to make your yoga session is as comfortable as possible and that you enjoy every bit of it!

Aurorae was born in 2009 to provide their customers with top of the line yoga products ranging from fitness apparel, mats, bags and more to ensure the best experience!

I came across Aurorae online and instantly fell in love with their approach on leading a healthy lifestyle both for the environment but ones health as well .

I think it's important to live a healthy lifestyle whether it's eating healthy or through exercise I wasn't always thin I worked hard to get where I am at both weight and health wise today.

Here I am getting in a workout at Curves  gym!

I find it funny now how I used to hate working out but I have learned to love it because it opened up my eyes to a new approach on life and for that I am truly grateful I've had the best supporters that never stopped believing in me even though there was times when I didn't believe in myself. 

There were times when I became bored with my at home workout routine so I'd change it up a bit listening to music, walking a different route or a new workout outfit to keep me going.

Aurorae yoga offers a wide variety of products to keep you focused on your goals and to keep things interesting so you'll never get bored.

Their products are Eco-friendly safe for humans as well as animals 

Made in the USA 
Certified organic 

Aurorae yoga products include

*yoga mats
*sport&long yoga mat towel
*yoga block
*yoga strap
*sport&swim towel
*aromatherapy candles   And more

I was sent an Aurorae yoga towel for review in the color purple which not only happens to be my favorite color but is curves color! 

Aurorae's sport/yoga mat towel is not only a super absorbent multipurpose towel but it's Eco-friendly and provides a slip free surface which helps prevent your hand from slipping during yoga.

Aurorae yoga towel comes in two sizes sport 30" X 20" and long mat size 72"X24"

When you perspire the mat will absorb any sweat.

Wash your yoga towel in the washer with cold water and detergent; tumble dry on low

I loved that the towel was soft and it made it even more comfortable sitting on the floor to stretch out after my workout and made it that much more relaxing as well as enjoyable.

Aurorae sells the best reviewed yoga mats
, yoga apparel, yoga and meditation accessories online where you can browse their yoga mats, yoga bags, yoga apparel, and other yoga accessories here. 

I received no compensation for this review but Auroraeyoga provided me with a sample for my honest opinion







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