Ravebites Handcrafted energy snacks

Rave Bites began back in the early 90's with the Garfield-Wright sisters where they acted as their dads chunks of energy recipe taste tester.

The sisters shared the recipe to their high school tennis and cross country  classmates to provide them with a nutritious and delicious snack to give them a boost of energy.

When their classmates begged for more that's when they realized they were on to something.

Their father and founder of Ravebites Michael leads a healthy lifestyle with his regimen each day with his blueberry and turmeric smoothie along with staying busy outside kayaking, skiing or in his own organic garden.

The youngest of the two daughters Sylvia was brought up in the heart of the natural food business.

At the tender age of seven she was homeschool and always tagged along with her dad from doing invoices while delivering to other stores and going on road trips to natural food stores around the country.

As she got older the business blossomed and in 2013 Ravebites was born!

Ravebites are handcrafted snacks that boost your energy naturally 

These little nuggets are the perfect on the go snack to give you that energy boost you'll need without weighing you down.

Ravebites snacks are 
certified organic 
Gluten free 
Paleo friendly 
Sweetened with dates 

Contains 3 grams of protein and fiber per serving 

Ravebites flavors:

*Lemon pomegranate 
*Carob super greens
*Peanut chocolate chip
*Coconut fig superfoods
*Date flax with turmeric
*Cacao goji 
*Chia orange

I came across Ravebites online and love that not only are they made with the finest of ingredients but are a great snack for on the go when your in need of a quick energy boost especially this time of year with Christmas shopping! 

I was sent Ravebites for review and here are the two flavors I chose to not only snack on but boost my energy too!

 Chia Orange:
 made with raw ingredients that are free of soy and salt
Made with organic cashews, organic dates,organic sesame seeds, organic coconut, organic raisins, organic chia seeds, organic cocoa  butter, and organic orange extract. These little bites reminded me of a muffin fresh out of the oven delicately flavored with the sweetness of coconut along with orange zest! It was flavorful, moist, and delicious! It even goes great crumbled on top of yogurt ! 

Cacao Goji:

made with raw ingredients that are free from soy and salt
Made with organic sunflower seeds, organic dates, organic raisins, organic cacao powder, organic apricots that might provide organic rice flour, organic sesame seeds, organic coconut, organic goji powder with natural flavors. 

Being that I love all things chocolate I loved this flavor it tasted to me just like an almond joy with a twist from the goji it was sweet but not too sweet and was the perfect snack to hold me till lunch! 

What I loved about Ravebites snacks was the fact that they are made with real ingredients,  healthy, provide me with an energy boost and were so 
delicious making them the perfect snack after a workout, crumbled on top of yogurt or when your craving something sweet! 






I received no compensation for this post however I was provided with the above samples for review in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own.


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