TinyB handcrafted chocolates Review

It all began with the beautiful Brazilian chocolatier  Renata and Andrei a San Francisco tech entrepreneur where there fell head over heels in love with one another, got married and began Tinyb in their own kitchen to share bit only their love for brigadeiro but for each other as well and those around the world.

Her one of a kind recipe delivers phenomenal chocolate flavor without it being bitter or the extra sweetness of sugar, they are then hand dipped offering an array of delectable desserts!

Where did the name Tinyb come from?

Tinyb is a Brazilian fun sized chocolate called a brigadeiro that's handcrafted and dipped by hand in spices and nuts.

 made right in San Francisco   
TinyB hand crafts their truffles with the finest quality chocolate,organic condensed milk & coconut cream then rolled around in nuts, coconut or curls of chocolate making them even more decadent!

TinyB are free from


TinyB flavors:

•Brazilian coffee & chocolate
•raspberry & white chocolate
•spicy chocolate & cayenne pepper
•passion fruit and white chocolate curls
•dark chocolate and sprinkles
•milk chocolate and sprinkles
•dark chocolate and almond
•coconut cream and coconut flakes
•dark chocolate and pistachio 

Here are the flavors I was sent to sample!

 Coconut & Cream:

Exotic yet sweet coconut cream center with shreds of toasted coconut on the outside!

Passion Fruit:

I really liked the fruitiness from the passion fruit center along with the creamy white chocolate curls on top it was unlike anything I've ever had before!

Milk Chocolate and sprinkles:
Tasted just like my all time favorite from dunkin! Behold the chocolate frosted  donut with sprinkles only without the dough! It was so delicious with the creamy milk chocolate covered in shavings of what else more chocolate!

Dark chocolate and sprinkles:
You know how dark chocolate usually tastes bitter? As I bit into this chocolate truffle I was in love it was creamy, it was sweet, it was super chocolaty almost like fudge how it just melts in your mouth the moment you bite into it! 

Dark chocolate & almond:
Sinful dark chocolate rolled around in slivered almonds make it the perfect little treat both salty and sweet!

Dark chocolate & pistachio:
Luscious dark chocolate meet with sweet earthy yet crunchy pistachios in one little tasty morsel!

I loved tasting each delectable truffle of chocolate goodness each flavor offered their own unique texture and unlike any that I've had, they were luscious and oh so good.





TinyB chocolates make the perfect gift for the holidays because well who doesn't love chocolate!? 

I received no compensation for this review however I received the above samples in exchange for my honest opinion which in fact are my own.


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