Robitussin Severe Multi-Symptom Cough Cold+Flu crowdtap sampling

When the air turns crisp that's when I know Fall has arrived but so hasn't Cold and flu season.

I can't tell which is worse when sick the achy muscles, sore throat, coughing, or the stuffy nose not mention the drowsy feeling from the cold medicine. 

When I'm feeling under the weather a good nights sleep is just the ticket along with tissues to soothe my red stuffy nose, cough drops to relieve my cough and help soothe my throat and medicine to help with my aching body. 

My Robittusin  Severe arrived just in time from crowdtap and relieved my sore throat fast! 

 Robitussin severe multi-symptom cold and flu helps tackle the worst cold and flu symptoms such as chest congestion, body aches, fever, nasal congestion as well as cough and sore throat. Robitussin Severe is available in both daytime and night time relief so you can rest easy. 

It's powerful formula delivers fast relief in just one dose so you'll feel better in no time! 

Robitussin severe is available in an 8oz bottle and 4 oz 

For adults and children 12 years old and older 

Take 20ml every four hours as directed 

I liked that Robitussin severe helped relieve cold systems and had me feeling better in no time!  

You can find it at your local pharmacy in the cold and flu aisle !

The robitussin brand provided me with a sample of their cold medicine for testing purposes only, however all opinions expressed here are in fact my own.



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