Krush protein bars review

It all began with Krush protein bar creator Steven Helper when he came to the realization that there were no protein supplements on the market that lived up to their hype they over promised and under delivered when it came to quality, taste and performance. 

After years of believing in other companies products in 2011 he started Pure Fitness Nutrition with one thing in mind which was to produce the highest quality of sports nutrition supplements and that's when Krush bars were born formerly known as Krave! 

Krush Bars are made with 

All natural peanut butter
Milk protein isolate 
Whey protein isolate
Agave inulin 
Sea salt/natural flavors

They are packed with protein which is a great snack for after a workout whether at the gym or after a long run! 

Awhile back I was supposed to receive Krush bars for review, and I've sent countless emails and never received a response as to when they would be sent to me or anything so after months of waiting I decided to order a variety box myself and I'm so glad I did because they are so delicious! 

Krush bars comes in these scrumptious flavors listed below! 

Baked apple pie:
This bar was amazing! I should have baked it but I didn't and I'm sort of bummed that I didn't because then it really would have been a baked apple pie with crisp apples and a hint of cinnamon for sweetness, but what can I say I liked it right out of the wrapper! 

Birthday cake:
There's something about that birthday cake flavor you just love from the sweet taste of the frosting and the colorful sprinkles on top, to me this bar didn't have that it tasted like peanut butter to me and didn't offer that magical taste of cake. 

French toast:
A french toast protein bar? Count me in! This bar was amazing! It's so flavorful chock full of nuts and has a hint of maple syrup to it I swear I drooled when I was eating it that's how good it was, tasted just like the real thing only without all the fat and calories added to it and can't forget about all of that butter and syrup ! 

Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch:
I loved the creamy taste of the peanut butter along with the chocolate flavor and that little bit of crunch that you get as you take your first bite I was in heaven !

Raw Cookie Dough:
I've tried this bar both raw and baked and wow it's so much better when baked not that it's not when it's raw but when you bake it in the oven it tastes just like a chocolate chip cookie only a lot healthier ! Its chewy and chocolaty which is my favorite kind of cookie and goes along perfectly with a huge glass of milk ! 

Mint Chocolate Chip:
this bar offered a cool minty taste along with creamy chocolate in each bite! I kicked it up a notch and broke this delightful bar into chunks then shaped them into circles and baked them until they were golden brown and they made the best ever chocolaty and minty cookies I've ever had in my life ! 







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