Red Ape organic cinnamon Review !

Red Ape cinnamon company began in 2006 by kestrel Growth brands inc. Which is a company that looks for top of the line ingredients that happen to be run and grown by small family farmers from around the globe, in which they offer them to bakers, chefs and home gourmets. 

Before Kestrel Growth started entrepreneurs Marty Parisien and Bill Wiedmann worked as consultants of the agricultural community in the Hawaiian islands and throughout the pacific region where they taught family farmers how to add value to their crops as well as having access to higher price markets. 

They held conventions in Samoa, Guam, Hawaii, Micronesia and Northern Marianas. They worked with farmers one on one around the pacific to establish plans that would then increase the value of their crops to explore markets abroad. 

What Marty and Bill realized was that all of these farmers shared the love and passion for producing quality, lack of resources to brand, organically grown crops, as well as sell their products to larger more sustainable markets abroad. 

They were asked quite often by the families and farmers "Can we partner with you"? They did just that to accompany their other brands organic brands and launched Red Ape Cinnamon. 

After a couple of years Red Ape Cinnamon went in their own direction and in January 2013 Marty and Bill teamed up with Dan Vishny and had formed a new company that was solely based on the Red Ape Cinnamon brand. 

Dan has not only owned two restaurants and retail stores but plays guitar, loves to 

hike in the mountains, has written two books and did I mention he loves orangutans and organic foods? 

Dan would love to see Red Ape cinnamon grow into a multi product line and help save the orangutans! 

I came across Red Ape Cinnamon products online and was interested in trying out their products they make all kinds of cinnamon related products ranging from cinnamon flavored coffee, cinnamon shakers and more and they are organic as well. 

Red Ape Cinnamon products are:

Non GMO 
Organic certified 

To facilitate my review I was sent free products in exchange for my honest opinions, however yours may differ. 

Here are some of the products I was sent for review. 

Mardi Gras:
Great way to kick up your red beans and rice up a notch with this flavorful yet delicious cinnamon! 

Cinnamon Sticks:

When I saw these cinnamon sticks I knew what I would be using it for, some hot apple cider! I am so glad I did to because the cinnamon stick flavored the cider perfectly and warmed me right up it sure was cold outside today. 

Ground cinnamon:

There's something about cinnamon that makes me feel all warm and toasty inside whether the weather I  love adding ground cinnamon to my recipes for a little sweetness when I'm baking muffins, blending smoothies or whipping up a bowl of 
oatmeal for breakfast. This ground cinnamon flavored my dishes perfectly! I loved 
how it came with a little spoon inside the container too so you don't have to dirty many measuring spoons while baking in the kitchen. 

Cinnamon and sugar shaker:

I made sweet potato fries in the oven for dinner one night and have always loved cinnamon and sugar on them so that's what I did and it only made the sweet potato fries even more tastier by adding a bit of sweetness to them. 

Cinnamon coffee:

I absolutely love coffee especially when it's flavored. What better way to wake up in the morning than with the aroma of cinnamon wafting through the house. This coffee is so delicious and perfect served either hot or cold. I loved the cinnamon taste that it offered.

Rasta shake:

I love the fact that this cinnamon offered a bit of heat to it and a little bit of sweetness making it perfect to add on protein such as chicken, turkey or even sprinkled on salads or rice and beans ! 






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