Boursin Garlic and Fine Herbs Gournay Cheese Smiley360 mission !

The first ever Boursin cheese was created in Normandy in 1957 by Francois Boursin which is a fresh cheese that's mixed with fine herbs in a bowl and that's how Garlic and Fine Herbs Boursin cheese was born ! 

His first ever creation became a hit and was sold throughout France. 

Boursin is now sold in over 35 countries and across 5 continents today.

Boursin cheese is produced by Bel Brands USA which is an addition to Fromageries Bel which is a family owned cheese maker company that's stationed in Paris, France. Fromageries Bel has produced more than 30 local and international brands of cheese brands that are sold in more than 120 countries from around the globe. 

Bel Brands include other fan favorites in the USA from Wispride, mini baby bel, the laughing cow and more! 

As a member of smiley360 I was accepted for this mission in which I received a coupon redeemable for a free Boursin cheese of my choice.

I went to my local supermarket and found the Garlic and Fine Herb cheese spread in the deli section and I had the perfect pairings in mind! 

Being a creamy cheese blended with herbs I wanted to compliment that in a way that wasn't overpowering so I thought about pairing the cheese with some delicious sesame seed pretzels and juicy red grapes.

I had just the idea in mind of when to serve up this creamy cheese which was before Christmas dinner as an appetizer because we know how long it takes to cook a turkey and all the preparation and the actual cooking process takes forever so why need savor the creaminess of some Boursin cheese with Garlic and fine herbs with some grapes and crunchy pretzels ! 

I loved this cheese spread it was creamy, flavored perfectly with garlic that wasn't overpowering and paired very well with the grapes and pretzels.

What I also loved about the cheese is that it's creamy enough to spread on a baguette,  bagels or even in mashed potatoes for taste! 

A huge thank you to Smiley360 and Boursin cheese for letting me try this wonderful spreadable yet creamy cheese I love it and am going to continue buying it! 

Want to See if your local grocery store carries Boursin cheese ?

Check on the website listed below! 






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