Get your lips mistletoe ready this holiday season with Chapstick!

This holiday season Chapstick has added a variety of limited edition products to make sure your lips are ready to be kissed underneath the mistletoe toe. 

The new Chapstick products are pumpkin Pie, mixstix Vanilla Candy Cane Milkshake Candy Cane, as well as their new holiday themed tin that contains Chapstick Candy Cane.

Vanilla candy cane milkshake mixstix
mixstix is a two sided lip balm that contains a flavor on each side that you can either wear separately or together to make a tasty combination on those kissable lips of yours! You could also give Vanilla Candy Cane milkshake to a friend this holiday season as a gift or try it out for yourself. 
Vanilla Candy Cane Milkshake is available for a limited time through the holiday season starting October 1st which is in a one count package that's sold at CVS and Walgreens pharmacy stores near you for an SRP of $1.99-$2.69 two count packages 
are found in Target stores in their holiday section for an SRP of $3.99.

 Flavorful Chapstick seasonal varieties make great gifts for family, teachers, friends, coworkers and is stocking stuffer approved !

I don't know about you but I sure do love a slice of pumpkin pie, better yet pumpkin
flavored anything works for me! With the new seasonal pumpkin pie flavored Chapstick it keeps your lips kissably soft with a hint of pumpkin pie flavor.yum ! 
You can find the pumpkin pie flavored Chapstick starting October 1st through the holiday season sold at CVS and Walmart for an SRP of $1.00-$1.99 

Candy cane Chapstick:

Candy Cane Chapstick sure was a hit so it's back by popular demand which is also available October 1st throughout the holiday season sold at Walmart, Target, CVS and Walgreens. A one count stick

offers an SRP of $1.00-$1.99 at Walmart and Walgreens and a three count package available at Target, CVS, and Walmart with an SRP of $2.99.

Bring someone holiday cheer this holiday with the new Chapstick holiday tin! I love the festive decorations that are on the tin, if you know someone that's feeling down it will sure brighten their spirits up with the Christmas trees, candy canes and snowflakes on the tin! Inside the tin it contains two tubes of Chapstick You never know when your going to need Chapstick especially with the weather dropping and the snow falling it sure can do a number on your lips, so keep them kissably soft with Chapstick candy cane this holiday season ! 

You can find the Chapstick holiday tin starting November 1st throughout the holiday season sold at Walgreens for an SRP of $3.49.  







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