Whitehouse Station Sauce Company Review !

Family run company in Hunterdon county in New Jersey. Stemmed from a brilliant idea by Jon Kasper culinary graduate from Johnson and Wales university. Sweet meets spicy in Whitehouse station sauces that are made with peppers from their very own garden! 
Whitehouse Station Sauces can be used in:

On Wings
On nachos
chili and much more ! 

I love how this sauce is both sweet and spicy so I used it as a dipping sauce for some homemade zucchini fries that I made and it was so delicious I mixed a little bit of Hampton Creeks just mayo with a bit of the sauce to even out the spiciness and it made for the perfect dipping sauce for the fries! 


When I saw this sauce nachos just screamed out at me so that's just what I made. The sauce complimented them perfectly I loved the heat from it and the fact that it wasn't overwhelming ! 

It's funny because I was never much of a spicy foods person or liked hot sauce but these sauces are amazing! 

Interested in trying their sauces look for them at these markets listed below!  

Whitehouse sauces can be found in 

Bishops supermarket
Schaefer Farms
Suzie's Hot shoppe 


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