My coconut kitchen coconut butter review !

I love coconut flavored anything so when I came across a wonderful review for these coconut butters online I knew I had to try them! Come on now who doesn't love coconut?! Especially when you can spread them on delicious baked goods to enhance the flavor and much more! You could even eat it right off the spoon, I won't tell! 

Coconut Kitchen butters are:

Paleo friendly 
Gluten free
Low in sugar
Dairy free
Soy free

They are made with no preservatives or artificial anything just with the best quality of natural and organic ingredients. 

They have a high concentration to coconut oil that is like no other when compared to coconut butters and not to mention have the same health benefits of coconut oil! 

My coconut kitchen butters stay fresh up to a year on shelf and even after opening at room temperature. 

Did you know that if you consume coconut oil daily you'll reduce the risk of a heart attack? Interesting !

Disclosure: I was sent free samples to facilitate my review all opinions expressed are my own, however yours may differ.

Sweet Lemon Kiss coconut butter:

When I saw this beauty in the box I started thinking and planning of what to whip up and most importantly what to use it in. Then I thought hey I've got some frozen blueberries in the freezer and they would work perfectly together mixed in some 
oatmeal. Oh they sure did alright ! I couldn't believe at how great this coconut butter 
tasted it was simply out of this world, at first you get a hint of coconut when you spoon it into your mouth and then bam that sweet kiss of lemon! It flavored the oatmeal perfectly each bite was simply delicious as the first. 

Cherry On top coconut butter:

I came across a recipe on their website for cherry cordials and I just had to make 
them being that I loved chocolate covered cherries as a kid so make them I did and 
they turned out beautifully! I will never eat a chocolate covered cherry again thanks to this wonderful delectable recipe! It's so easy to make and it the perfect treat when your craving something sweet! The cherry taste is fruity and the chocolate complimented it perfectly! 

Eat your oatmeal coconut butter:

When I saw the recipe on my Coconut kitchens website for baked apple with eat your oatmeal butter on top, toasted oats and pecans with a drizzle of maple syrup  I knew I had to try it because not only did it look tasty, it sounded easy to make and the weather has gotten colder. I am so glad I made this oh my! I've had baked apples before and they are perfect for when it's cold outside but this one here takes it to a whole other level! It's baked to perfection in the oven after you slice it then you heat up coconut oil along with chopped pecans and oatmeal until fragrant. Then once the apple is done you scoop out some of the coconut butter on top and it melts all down the apple, just when you think it couldn't get any better you take some toasted oats and pecans and put a dusting on the apple then drizzle a hint of maple syrup over the top. I loved the taste of the apple along with the sweetness of the coconut butter and the nutty aroma from the pecans and the toasted oats it was like a party in my mouth! 

My coconut kitchen has many other coconut butter flavors to choose from such as :

Exotic orange
Espress-o my love
Divinely Dark
Banana Blue
Tart n' toasty cherry 
Roasty toasty
naked coconut 

Christmas is right around the corner, are you looking for the perfect gift for the coconut lover in your family?

Then I suggest you go to their website right now and order them!  They will not be disappointed ! 






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