Charmed Bar review !

It all began with best friends Deb and Jen they were on a mission to make a snack that was both delicious and healthy for their loved ones as well as for themselves. One thing for sure though was that it had to be free of gluten, grains, dairy, soy and refined sugars.

Sales professional Deb needed a snack that was small enough to stash in her purse when hunger strikes while running errands and Jen being a kindergarten teacher wanted it to have outstanding taste and bright appeal. 

They needed a snack that people couldn't live without and most importantly a treat that you could eat and feel good about as well as taste that could put a little pep in your step throughout the day! 

They began recalling the elements that they found magical such as summer dusk at the beach, twinkling starts, coincidental meeting, and an unexpected chivalrous gesture. Could they pull up all of the positive into one tasty snack? 

Then they began by pulling all,of their ingredients together along with some 80's music and got to work creating these delicious yet healthy bars for you to love! 

I came across Charmed Bars online and thought wow they sure do sound delectable I'd love to try them! They are created with all the ingredients that I love and they would make for the perfect snack while on the go or as a sweet treat.

I love bars because they are quick and convenient to eat when your on the go even better when they are made with all of the good stuff. 

Charmed Bars are made with no dairy, refined sugars, soy, grains and gluten and best of all they are healthy and delicious! 

In exchange for my honest options I was sent some Charmed Bars for review and couldn't wait to try them! 

Here are the three Flavors that they bake to perfection.

Peanut butter Cherry Licious:
This to me tasted just like a cherry pie it was that good ! This bar takes it to a whole other level it's made with mixed nuts, cherries and peanut butter! 

Cashew butter Apple rageous:
This creation of a bar was pretty delicious if you ask me! This bar offers apples, raisins, mixed nuts and cashew butter baked to perfection. 

Almond butter Cran dip ity:
I have to say that this bar was my favorite it had chunks of cranberries, nuts mixed with almond butter it was out of this world amazing ! I loved the tartness from the cranberries and the sweetness from the almond butter and the crunchiness from the nuts! 

What I loved about these bars are that they are a cross between a cookie and a bar because well they are shaped like cookies and made with all of the good stuff that goes into bars such as fruits, almond butter. 

Do you have a person in your family that loves to snack on healthy foods? These bars are made for them, I'm telling you to go and order some now! They'll love them! 





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