Vegan Wrawps review

I was sent samples of Wrawps to facilitate my review all opinions expressed are my own yours may differ.

What makes Wrawps different than other sandwich wraps?

Wrawps are a raw vegan sandwich wrap that's made with dehydrated fruits and vegetables. They are a 100% natural and contain no preservatives or additives in them. 

Diabetic friendly 
Low in fat 
Contain no wheat 
Contain no sugar
Gluten free
High in fiber

What do you do with your thanksgiving leftovers?! When I saw this wrap it had Thanksgiving written all over it so that's what I did for dinner I stuffed it with some delicious leftovers from our Thanksgiving feast with some turkey, whole cranberry sauce and a bit of stuffing and rolled it up then cut it in half and served it alongside an apple. The flavor of the wrap was amazing it offered a hint of sweetness and complimented the cranberry sauce perfectly ! 

This wrap was simply amazing it tasted just like a healthier version of a fruit strip! I stuffed it with some organic wallaby vanilla yogurt and sliced oranges . I then rolled it up sliced it and drizzled on a little bit more yogurt with some fresh sliced oranges and some toasted pecans and oats! It was the perfect breakfast to start my day! 

This wrap had salsa written all over when I first laid eyes on it so for dinner I created an egg wrap after a workout with some mixed peppers, organic tomatoes and wrapped it up tightly and let it brown in a pan a bit then I plated the wrap and poured a tablespoon of salsa and Nacheez spicy cheez on it and my was it deliciously spicy!It was making my eyes water because it was just so good ! 
Sometime ago I had the oriental chicken wrap at Applebee's and absolutely loved it! Who doesn't love crispy chicken mixed with coleslaw and fried Chinese noodles all tightly rolled into a delicious wrap drizzled with a sweet sauce?! When I saw this wrap it made me think of the first time I ever bit into that chicken wrap from Applebee's so I had to make one or something like it! I started out by drizzling some sweet teriyaki sauce into the crockpot and then I tossed in pork and let it simmer awhile before I assembled the sandwich. Just the smell of it cooking my mouth started watering so of course I had to try it and the sauce along with the juiciness from the pork was outstanding thank goodness because it was time to assemble the wrap so I took out a coleslaw mixture and spread it onto the wrap then added the pork with the sweet sauce on top. Then I rolled the wrap and sliced it in half alongside an orange. All of the Flavors together from the wrap, the crunch of the coleslaw and the sweetness from the sauce and juiciness from the pork sure made my tastebuds happy, they would've been even happier with a little crunch from Chinese noodles but I forgot to buy them! 

Smoky heaven:
When you see the term smoky you think it's going to be Smoking hot, am I right ? Wrong! This wrap offered a sweet bbq flavor it was amazing! I spread a little bit of Just Mayo on the wrap some turkey, spinach and a mozzarella vegan cheese slice and it was the best sandwich I've ever had! 

Energizing morning:
To do some Black Friday shopping I needed a good healthy breakfast to energize me so I warmed up this delicious wrap and spread on some creamy SuperButter spread and sliced up half of a banana and then sprinkled on some raisins and it was divine! It was just what I needed to start my day! You could even sprinkle granola on it for a little added crunch! 






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