Discovering what's New with Campbell's Crowdtap Sampling !

Ever since I was a child I've always been a Campbell's soup kind of gal especially their tomato soup paired with a deliciously cheesy grilled cheese it was the perfect combination! I couldn't wait to warm up with a piping cup of their chicken noodle soup after hours of playing in the snow. 

All of the childhood memories that I so cherished of playing in the snow and warming up with my favorite Campbell's soup started flooding back to me when I was selected to try new Campbell's products from Crowdtap.

I was so excited to see what I would be sampling and couldn't wait to try them! 

When the box arrived I tore it open and was surprised at how many products there was to try ! 

It was filled to the brim of all sorts of products to use in all sorts of meals! 

I bet your wondering what I was sent, so here it goes.

Campbell's skillet sauces creamy parmesan chicken 
Prego light homestyle Alfredo 
Campbell's chunky beer n cheese with beef and bacon soup
Spaghettio's micros shaped pasta
Swanson cream starter 
Campbell's slow kettle roasted chicken noodle soup 
Campbell's soup creamy Poblano and queso soup  
Campbell's soups for easy cooking savory portobello mushroom
Campbell's cutting board 
Campbell's spoon 
Coupons and recipes 
A Campbell's shaker for mixing drinks 

Campbell's skillet sauces creamy parmesan chicken:

This dish took boring pasta to a whole other level, it was creamy, flavorful and worked perfectly with a side salad! 

Spaghettio's micros pasta:

To be honest I didn't really care for this all that much being I was never really a big fan of Spaghettios to begin with. 

Swanson Cream Starter:

The recipe that was on the box was for loaded potato soup so that's what we made. I've tried potato soup before from Panera Bread and absolutely love it! It's filling and delicious and warms you up on a cold night! So after the soup was done we served it in a bread bowl and my was it amazing talking about hearty potatoes, pieces of bacon with some shredded cheese and scallions it was he best ever potato soup I've had in a long time ! I'll be making this again for sure ! 

Roasted chicken noodle soup:

I loved this soup it was full of vegetables, noodles and chicken and was the perfect side for a grilled cheese sandwich ! 

Speedy sausage rigatoni:
I am so glad I made this dish it was so creamy and delicious with the sauce 
mixture added right into the zucchini with sweet Italian sausage and noodles! 

Chunky beer n cheese with beef and bacon soup:
I thought I would like this because I love both cheese and bacon but I didn't like it because of the beer aftertaste that you get in your mouth, I also don't drink alcohol so that's probably why I didn't like it. 

Prego light homestyle Alfredo:
I chose to make chicken Alfredo with the Alfredo sauce along with broccoli and it made for the perfect dinner on a cold day! It was creamy and delicious! 

Creamy Poblano Queso Mac and cheese:
I can not believe how good this was ! It was like queso dip but with elbow macaroni thrown in ! It was full of flavor, creamy from the cheese and so delicious the cilantro added on the top gave it a nice finishing touch ! 

I'm sort of bummed that the coupons I received had expired so I wasn't able to use them but I've tried V8 before and loved it! I will however try the products that the coupons were for, thank you so much Crowdtap for selecting me to try out these delicious meals inspired by Campbell's ! 



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