Effifoods review !

A company that produces organic foods that you can enjoy while on the go all while delivering you nutrients to get you through your day! 

We live in a fast paced world and don't always have time to grab a snack while on the run especially one that's packed with nutrients that our bodies need and deserve so we stop at the nearest Dunkin donuts and order what's convenient we've all done it. 

Don't you wish that there was a snack that is not only packed with nutrients and healthy but tasty too? Meet Effi Foods bars that are made with the finest of ingredients.

Effi Foods bars are:
Non GMO 
Non dairy
Gluten free
And 92% raw 


No added sugar
No animal or soy protein
No high fructose corn syrup

Effi foods bars are a great snack for on the go.

After a workout 
While traveling 
After sport related activities 
While in the car 

Disclosure: I was sent free samples of Effifoods bars for review in exchange for my honest opinions, however yours may differ.
Goji and cashew:
This bar was purely delicious it was flavorful, chewy and the perfect snack after I had worked out at the gym. It tasted like a fresh baked muffin it was that good ! 

Green Tea and Honey Lemon:

Wow and I thought the Goji and cashew bar was good?! This bar was light, delicious, full of honey lemon flavor and was the perfect snack after the gym to hold me till lunch! 

Coconut and cacao nibs:
I loved the sweetness from the coconut and bold taste from the crunchy cacao nibs.

Did you know that for every Effi foods bar you purchase a portion of the proceeds goes to supporting Effi Foods philanthropic initiatives and campaigns with it's beliefs on the environment, human rights, nutrition, education as well as supporting our humanitarian partners throughout the universe? 






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