Eli's Skinny Cheesecake Sampler Review and Giveaway!

Eli's Cheesecake company all began when Eli M. Schulman founder of Eli's Cheesecake Company got the reputation for serving up good food as well as providing spectacular service making each and every customer feel important. 

Eli loved helping others as well as those in his community and his motto was this in his own words "Charity Will Never Bust You" was symbolized during the great depression hanging on a sign in his restaurants window which read “if you are hungry and have no money we will feed you for free.” 

Eli himself then passed down the legacy to the president of Eli's Cheesecake Company which is his son Marc.

Eli's first restaurant opened up shop in 1940 which was the popular coffee shop named Eli's Ogden Huddle then followed by Eli's Stage Delicatessen, which happened to be a huge hangout for celebrities such as Barbara Streisand, and Woody Allen .

It wasn't until 1966 where he set up shop in Eli's The Place For Steak where he made cheesecakes as his desserts!

He concocted a cheesecake so delicious that his customers called it Chicago's Finest!

Word got around about his cheesecakes and then in 1980 Eli's Cheesecake made it's public debut at the First Taste of Chicago and was a huge hit!

For the past 33 years Eli's Cheesecake have been the top dessert of choice at the food festival which has sold over 2 million slices!

Eli's Cheesecake were such a huge hit that they opened up Eli's Cheesecake World in 1996 which is a  62,000 sq. ft  corporate office and dessert cafe as well as state of the art bakery which is located on Chicago's North West side.

What started as a local favorite has turned into one of the countries largest selling bakeries which makes 20,000 cheesecakes and desserts everyday!

Eli's cheesecake are made with the finest of ingredients and make for the best desserts you could ever imagine.

Eli supports not only his community but small business, and local farmers.

Wow, can't believe it's almost that time again, I'm talking about New Years Resolutions!

You go to a holiday party or even make a resolution for the New Year that you will not eat sweets. You get invited to a holiday party from work or even friends and you walk in and see the table all set up nicely with all kinds of foods and then you see the elephant in the room which is that table filled with all kinds of decadent sweets ranging from cupcakes, pies you name it they've got it. 

It's so hard to say no to that delicious looking lonely cookie or cupcake sitting on a pretty platter just looking at you saying eat me you know you want to! 

Then you finally cave and then it hits you oh no I just broke my New Years Resolution! 

Believe me I've been there, baked goods and desserts are just way too darn tasty to pass up especially during the holidays!

When I crave something sweet I just make sure I don't overdo it and then I won't feel guilty after.

To kick off the New Year to help me stay on track Eli's Cheesecake Company was kind enough to send me their Skinny Eli cheesecake sampler which is reduced in fat, calories and is made with equal sweetener. Each slice only contains a whopping 150 calories! 

They don't lie either their cheesecake sure is legendary! 

The Skinny Eli sampler contains four slices each of chocolate, key lime and plain.

You can add on anything you want even a little whipped topping if you like, keep it skinny! 

Key Lime Cheesecake: (150 calories per slice)

 I have never had a key lime cheesecake before but have had key lime cookies and loved them, so I couldn't wait to try this little piece of citrus heaven!

I loved the fact that the crust on the bottom of the cheesecake was just right it wasn't too dry. Now for the cheesecake filling, oh my goodness it was insanely good! It was light, rich, creamy, and refreshing! It was the perfect end to a fantastic Christmas dinner with the family! 

Plain Cheesecake: (150 calories per slice)
 Perfect bite sized dessert that goes along perfectly with a bit of Truwhip topping and some chocolate chips or even some fresh strawberries on top! 
Chocolate Cheesecake: (140 calories per slice)
 This right here is a slice of perfection the chocolate taste is amazing and is just enough when your craving something light and sweet! You know what would be great on this chocolate slice of heaven ? Candy canes! 

Get excited for 2015 because one lucky winner will receive their very own Skinny Eli cheesecake sampler! 

Good luck to all and have a sweet day!






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  1. My New Years resolutions are to get organized and get healthy.

  2. My New Years resolutions are to get organized and get healthy.

  3. My New Years reso is just to keep organize and donate things every so often.

  4. Looks fantastic! After losing 75 ponds my life is a diet just to keep it off. This would help me!!

    1. Way to go Deidre ! So proud of you !! This cheesecake is amazingly delicious and the perfect size to !

  5. My new years resolution is to be the best wife and supporter to my husband that I can be! :)

  6. I don't usually make New Year's resolutions, but I would like to get things more organized around the house and get back to doing yoga regularly.

  7. I do no make them because I never keep them. I really just try to better myself throughout the year.


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