Tosi Organic Simple True Health Review !

The Tosi Health system was made to offer a nutrient and anti-oxidant rich combination that helps alleviate cravings for sugar. It's made to deliver nutrients to our bodies that are easy to breakdown and absorb without causing unpleasant side affects such as gas and bloating as well as sugar spikes. 

We all crave sweets once in awhile with Tosi they found that our bodies don't crave calories but nutrients and when you deliver the proper nutrients to your body it's able to run properly. 
Tosi facts:
Gluten free
Diabetic safe 
Doesn't cause bloating, gas or blood sugar spikes 

I was sent free samples of the Tosi Health 30 day bundle in exchange for review for my honest opinions however yours may differ.

Here's what the 30 day bundle included. 

Vanilla complete meal dietary supplement:

I liked the taste of this protein powder it didn't offer a chalky taste to it when blended in a smoothie that you sometimes get with other protein powders and it gave a creamy vanilla taste! I whipped up a pumpkin cheesecake smoothie along with this protein powder and it sure was tasty and held me till lunch ! 

Chocolate Complete Meal Dietary supplement:
Whenever you've got a craving for that something sweet but don't sent to ruin your diet chocolate complete meal dietary supplement will sure help to not only keep you right on track but ease that sweet craving with it's creamy chocolaty consistency! Almond super bites:
These almond bites are perfectly nutty and delicious bursting with protein and make the perfect post workout snack ! 

Cashew super bites:
These super bites are perfect for when hunger hits and you need a little snack to keep you going through out the day! It's not only packed with protein but contains chia seeds and flax seeds as well! 

Tosi digestive enzymes:
Helps with lactose intolerance 
Helps break down nutrients from food
Reduces acid
Helps with acid reflux, indigestion, heartburn and those foods that don't agree with you anymore.

Tosi probiotics:
Boosts your immune system
Increases nutrient absorption 
Improves digestion

Complete greens dietary supplement:
You will sure get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables with this baby alright it contains 20 servings of fruits and vegetables ! All you do is mix with water shake and go ! No need to worry now about getting your daily dose ! 

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