Unwrap the Revolution with EatmeGuiltFree Brownies !

It all began with certified sports nutritionist and registered nurse Cristie Besu (AskCristie) when her clients demanded there be a snack they could both enjoy at night  and be something sweet but needed to be low in fat, low in carbs and be guilt free. That's when Eatmeguiltfree was born ! 

Disclosure: I was sent Eatmeguiltfree free samples of brownies to facilitate my review in exchange for my honest opinion however yours may differ. 

Eatmeguiltfree is just that a treat that you can eat without the guilt especially around the holidays! So why are Eatmeguiltfree brownies completely guilt free? They are completely guilt free because not only are they low in fat, low in carbs and they offer 22 grams of protein! Now how awesome is that? 

Eatmeguiltfree brownies are :
Low fat
Low carb
Contain 22 grams of protein 
All natural ingredients 
Gluten free
Non GMO 

I workout seven days a week and still love to enjoy something sweet every now and then but don't want to feel guilty when I have something decadent. When I came across Eatmeguiltfree through Instagram I knew this product would be the perfect go to treat when that craving hit.They are not only sweet but perfectly portioned out which I love and to be a little fancy you could add some whipped topping to your brownie with crushed candy cane pieces and much more even a drizzle of chocolate sauce if you'd like! 

Eatmeguiltfree brownies come in two very delicious flavors which are chocolate and blondie. 

I'm a huge chocolate fan especially when it comes to baked goods such as brownies! These brownies right here were chocolaty, moist and delicious! I added a bit of 
Truwhip on top and since it's Christmas Eve I chopped up a candy cane and put it on 
top ! 

Great brownie loved how moist and delicious it was! It was the perfect treat! 

They also make powdered peanut butters as well that come in chocolate as well as regular! 

They are making new flavors of their brownies and even a brownie mix so you can bake them at home! 

These are the best guilt free brownies that I've ever tried! 
Interested in trying out Eatmeguiltfree products? Order them on their website! 





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