Skoy scrub cloth review and giveaway !

Skoy sent me free samples of their scrub cloth products to facilitate this review and giveaway, however all opinions expressed are my own. Yours may differ. 

It all began with stay at home moms Michelle and Karen in Encinitas California on a mission to make their own product to clean the kitchen with and friendly for the environment. 

They were astounded at what people used to clean their kitchens such as paper towels and the amount being wasted was even more shocking a whopping 2.5 million tons that only fill up landfills. 

At the time their children were in elementary school and they thought it was a great opportunity to start their business. 

They researched and worked on their product for a year and that's when they knew they had a wonderful product that would benefit others. 

In the late 90's Michelle was living in Europe and discovered a product that was just like Skoy and just as great. She found that the product was in disposable and when she returned home she came to realize that sponges were a way of spreading bacteria and paper towels were overused when cleaning up in the kitchen. 

She searched all over for a similar cloth and nothing compared so then she introduced Karen to the cloth where she quickly fell head over heels in love with it! 

That's when they regrouped and thought of a way to bring the product to the USA.

Coming up with a name was mind boggling so they came up with the name skoj pronounced Skoy which in Swedish means "just for fun" 

They wanted a company that wasn't just work but fun as well especially in the 
kitchen to make cleaning fun. 

Awhile back I reviewed Skoy cloths and had recently came across their scrub cloths online and just had to test them out being that I loved using their products while in the kitchen cleaning. 

I couldn't wait to ditch the sponge and start scrubbing with Skoy ! 

Here's why I love Skoy:

Long lasting
Safe to use on most surfaces
Has fun designs and colors on them to brighten up your cleaning experience 
Replaces those scouring pads
Easy to clean
Safe to use in washing machine

I absolutely love this product it's wonderful, I was amazed at how great it cleaned pans when I was washing dishes which sometimes seems impossible to clean especially when you accidentally burn what your cooking and then you have it stuck to the pan it's such a hassle to come clean! 

What can you use Skoy Scrubs for? 

Scrubs root vegetables 
Cleans fridge and sinks
Cleans outdoor furniture
Cleans sports equipment and golf clubs 
Cleans stovetops and counters
Cleans baked on foods from hard surfaces such as pans and pots
Removes hard water stains and much more! 

Want to make cleaning fun again? Ditch the sponge this holiday season and enter the giveaway below to win your very own Skoy scrubs ! 

Good luck ! 



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