Soom Foods Sesame Butter Review !

  • Soom Foods is run by three sisters Shelby, Jackie and Amy in Philadelphia that care deeply about being able to provide nutritious, high quality and delicious sesame products. 

    Soom foods began when Jackie's husband Omri whose an international tahini expert had then introduced the interesting flavor of tahini that are made with Ethiopian sesame seeds to the sisters.

    It wasn't until they tried Omri's mothers tahini carrot cake they fell in love and felt the dire urge to introduce this lovely sesame concoction to the american market as the next superfood and that's when Soom foods was born! 

    Soom spreads are:

    Guilt free decadent indulgence 
    Made in a nut free facility 
    Gluten free
    Vegan and All natural

    There are many dishes or snacks that you could incorporate Soom spreads in such as smoothies, oatmeal, dips, on rice cakes and much more! 

    I came across Soom Foods on Instagram and their products peeked my interest immediately because Soom aren't your ordinary spreads or butters because they are made with sesame which is not only a superfood but contains iron, calcium, omega 3+6 , protein and also contains magnesium with b vitamins. 

    I've tried all kinds of butters but never in my life have I tried one made with sesame! 

    I was then sent Soom spreads for review and I couldn't wait to spread them on all sorts of recipes whether sweet or savory! 

    Soom spreads come in these two flavors.

    I'm a huge fan of all things chocolate especially spreads like this creamy chocolaty spread right here! My god it was so delicious, I loved the chocolaty taste and the nuttiness from the sesame it was unlike anything I've ever had in my life it was that good! It goes great on rice cakes for a snack, in a smoothie or even swirled into your morning oatmeal with some banana slices for a heart healthy breakfast! 

    Tahini sesame:
    I loved the creaminess of this spread and the fact that it works well in all kinds of 
    dishes from desserts and much more even on bbq chicken! I tried out Soom foods recipe for bbq chicken and used the spread along with bbq sauce as a marinade and my was the chicken flavorful! It gave the chicken a taste unlike anything I've ever tried! 


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