The Bites Company Review!

My mom loves biscotti especially with her coffee, so when I came across these delightful biscotti cookie bites from The Bites Company while at whole foods one night I thought of her and thought she would love these! 

These aren't your average biscotti cookies either, they are softer and shaped like well a cookie! 

They come in almond, cocoa and lemon flavor which are all natural and handmade from scratch!

I was sent some of their cookies for review and couldn't wait to break open a bag and have some especially with coffee!

Did you know that these cookies have been put into the weight watchers database and only are a whopping 3 points for just 9 cookies. 

Not only do these tasty cookies go along great with coffee they pair well with jam!

Amazing chocolaty flavor!

Sweet and light tasting cookie without an overpowering lemon flavor!

I thought this delightful cookie went along perfectly with some French  vanilla coffee and peach plum jam!





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