Dial vitamin boost body wash review and giveaway!

You know when winter has approached when your skin is cracked and dry from the cold temperature in the air and can be so uncomfortable as well especially if your like me and you itch from dry skin!

I couldn't wait to try it when I found out I would be thanks to Purex Insider! 

With Dials new vitamin boost body wash my skin has never felt so moisturized due to the new vitamin nutrient that nourishes the skin putting back in moisture, thanks to vitamin b which is a natural element that is used to keep skin hydrated! 

Your in luck because it's giveaway time!
Three lucky winners will receive a coupon for a free bottle so they too can experience soft healthy skin with Dials vitamin boost vitamin wash!

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  1. Yes! I am constantly putting lotion on!!!

  2. We recently moved from the usually warm west coast to the midwest, so we are not acclimated at all to the cold. We all crack so much on our hands that we bleed.

  3. Oh yeah. After a while I start to feel like an alligator!

  4. yes it does

  5. i have dry skin


  6. This year has been the worst since I wash my hands so much with diaper changing.


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