Infused Spreads Review!

While browsing Pinterest one night I happened upon these tasty looking jams by a company called Infused Spreads handmade from scratch and that's famous for their not only their jams but fruit butters, marmalades and tons more! 

I just had to try them, they had all kinds of jams with a unique twist to each and every one of them! 

For this review I picked strawberry rhubarb, peach plum and strawberry vanilla bean. I've been dying to try out some new recipes to change it up just a bit instead of my average smoothie for breakfast as always. 

Peach plum:

Amazing peach flavor with a hint of plum, went along perfectly with almond biscotti cookies! 

Strawberry vanilla bean :

I've tried strawberry jams before but never infused with vanilla bean! I've been seeing a lot of recipes lately on Pinterest for three ingredient pancakes which you take a banana and mash it and whisk an egg together then add in fruits such as blueberries or even strawberries so I whipped them up and tossed in blueberries while they were cooking up! When the pancakes were done cooking I added some powdered sugar and heated up the strawberry vanilla bean jam and poured on the pancakes. The jam was sweet with a touch of vanilla and worked fantastic on the pancakes!

Strawberry rhubarb :

I love strawberries but have never tried rhubarb so I couldn't wait to give it a try! 
I had just the perfect idea for this jam too, which was overnight oats pb&j style !
I prepared the oats last night with some oats, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a bit of wallaby organic vanilla yogurt  and some chia seeds then set in the fridge for overnight! Then this morning I took the lid off the container popped it into the microwave for a few minutes mixed up some pb2 and tossed in a tablespoon of the jam along with some organic blueberries! It was divine, all the flavors together tasted just like a pb&j sandwich with pieces of rhubarb in it! 






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